MEXICO CITY — Xavier López, a Mexican youngsters’ comic better realized by his stage name “Chabelo,” has kicked the bucket at 88, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador composed Saturday.

López’s most popular work, the Sunday theatrical presentation En Familia con Chabelo, ran for an amazing a long time from 1967 to 2015.

The Mexican president composed on his Twitter account that his own oldest child, José Ramón, “got up ahead of schedule to see him (on TV) over a long time back.”

López, who was no connection to the president, ordinarily performed wearing youngster’s clothing very much into his 80s. He helped found a sort of grown-up comics dressed as children that turned into a staple for quite a long time on Mexican TV.

His life span — he acted in a youngster’s rough squeak all through his vocation — prompted kidding hypothesis he would outlast every other person in the big time.

López’s representative, Jessica Neville, said he kicked the bucket Saturday morning, and that memorial service plans would be reported later.

A U.S. resident brought into the world in Chicago to Mexican guardians, López got back to Mexico with his family early on and prepared as a specialist. Be that as it may, he tracked down his bringing in acting.

The comic’s family composed on his fan page that López “kicked the bucket abruptly of stomach inconveniences.”

He was made due by a few kids and his better half.

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