Troubled CNN anchor Wear Lemon has “zero safeguards” left at the organization source said, as it stays indistinct whether he’ll be back broadcasting in real time Tuesday, sources told Page Six.

Lemon, 56, who has co-facilitated “CNN Today” since its presentation last November, is entangled in a misogynist embarrassment undermining his future at the organization.

“The unavoidable issue is, is CNN going to keep Wear off air on an everyday premise?” said one very much-positioned industry insider. “If they had any desire to keep him, they would suspend him for a very long time and tap out.”

Lemon missed Friday and Monday’s shows after he said live last week that GOP official competitor Nikki Haley, 51, “isn’t thriving.” Presently, CNN staff members are hanging tight for the mooring timetable to be delivered Monday night to figure out who is facilitating Tuesday, Page Six is told.

Lemon has purportedly left Miami, where he spent the long end of the week.

Things started Thursday when Lemon told co-has Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins that “a lady is viewed as thriving in her 20s and 30s and perhaps 40s,” considering Haley expressing legislators beyond 75 years old ought to be expected to go through mental testing.

This incited Harlow, 40, to stroll off the set. Lemon later put out an expression of remorse.

“The shock, inside, has not faded away,” said the insider. “Individuals are vexed. He gave the most terrible statement of regret ever and on second thought of going to the Hamptons to pass on it unobtrusively, he went to Miami, remained at a chi lodging, and got his photograph taken
“Individuals are getting up at 3 a.m. to go about their business on this show, so he was jabbing the bear.”

As per CNN representative Matt Dornic, Lemon was initially booked to be back in the anchor seat Monday, however, selected to take off for the Presidents’ Day occasion.

Yet, the insider countered this: “Wear was booked to work Monday, and I can see you he has zero safeguards left.
“Wear on this show was generally a terrible thought and, truly, it was innocent of [CNN CEO] Chris Licht to figure it would work,” said the insider. “The three [Lemon, Harlow, and Collins] are lifelong companions, however, they don’t cooperate on television.”

It was likewise uncovered Monday that Wharfs Morgan scooped a meeting with Rep. George Santos after the lawmaker pulled out of an arranged to plunk down with Lemon said to be booked for Wednesday. Santos’ rep said: “We heard the remarks and it was an extremely unfortunate taste and we didn’t wish to do a plunk down with somebody who could criticize ladies in such a manner.

‘It shouldn’t make any difference on the off chance that it’s a conservative or Vote based lady campaigning a public service position, we won’t plunk down with somebody who might express such horrendous things. I don’t figure he ought to be compensated for his terrible behavior.”
Morgan told Page Six: “I’m glad that Representative Santos remembered I’m the anchorperson still thriving to the point of justifying the enormous select.”

Found out if Lemon has no safeguards left, a CNN source said: “That is misleading and resists presence of mind. Wear has worked at CNN for a considerable length of time.”

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