• February 11, 2023
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Lewan is right here on the awesome Bowl, just down the street from where he grew up. He’s part of a famous podcast, Bussin’ With the men, that he receives to do with his high-quality friend. All week, Lewan and former Titans teammate Will Compton had been interviewing movie star guests, and they’ve been having a laugh, as typical, doing it.

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And, whilst this week is over, Lewan receives to go home and experience something even higher.

“listen, I’d placed my lifestyles up against each person’s – I have an extraordinary life,” Lewan stated. “I have a virtually incredible wife, who places up with my bullsht each day and loves me for it. She enjoys the bullsht. Then there are my two daughters – my 5-year-antique is the sweetest thing in the complete international, your textbook ‘Loves unicorns, rainbows and puppies’, and my -year-old is an absolute firecracker who’s going to get what she needs, while she wants it, and the way she wants it. And, all of them love me. It’s miles incredible. I am o.K. I oughtn’t to work. … this is now not me pumping my tires, that’s just the fact of wherein I’m at proper now 31 years antique, and it is an amazing feeling to understand wherein I’ve come from in my lifestyle while I used to be more youthful.”

Sure, he stated it.

Lewan, the group’s first-round draft pick out of the 2014 NFL Draft, knows he would not have to play soccer anymore if he does not need to. He’s made enough money and has executed lots of things on the field, and presently, his life is at a place in which he ought to stroll away and be happy.

So now, Lewan is facing an internal conflict approximately what is subsequent for him.

Does he say goodbye to the sport? Or, does he dedicate himself to retaining a profession that has protected three seasoned Bowl journeys and 106 career begins, but, has but to produce the closing aim of playing in a Super Bowl himself?

Lewan, as he stated on his podcast previously, is awaiting the Titans to release him within the close to future. He understands why, and he knows his cons – he is scheduled to make several money, he’s had ACL surgeries in 3 years, and he’s most effectively played in 20 video games over the last 3 seasons.

“in a subsequent couple of weeks, I will be reduced using the Tennessee Titans – to show up,” Lewan said. “I simply accept as true with that in my heart of hearts.

“Then I have to go right into a situation that I have in no way been in in my whole lifestyle: I must weigh the pros and cons of playing football, or no longer gambling soccer.”

If that does happen, it would potentially leave Lewan with those alternatives: Retire immediately. Play for every other team. Or, probably come again to the Titans at a reduced profit.

And, right now, Lewan isn’t certain exactly what he wants to do.

“Football isn’t something I’m able to wake up five years from now and say: you know what dude? I am going to move play ball once more,” Lewan stated. “once this bankruptcy is closed, I’m now not a Brett Favre. I am not these guys that are going to retire and unretire. I am now not going to try this. I’m going to decide, and I am going to stay with that decision. But I am happy in both manners, and I assume this is the most lovely factor I can be given in my existence. Regardless of what selection I make, I can simply discover peace and pleasure in both choices. So, I’m very, very fortunate, and lucky.”

Lewan, who had a surgical operation to repair an ACL harm after being carted off at some point of the group’s Week 2 contest in Buffalo this beyond the season, said he is been rehabbing the knee and making brilliant development. He’s misplaced weight and is feeling appropriate.

For the duration of his interview with TennesseeTitans.Com, he stated his simplest interplay with new well-known manager Ran Carthon has been appropriate, and he mentioned his extraordinary dating with head teacher Mike Vrabel. Lewan said he changed into pleased when the group multiplied Tim Kelly to offensive coordinator, and he said new offensive line coach Jason Houghtaling is a teacher any offensive lineman would love to play for.

Lewan is aware of his agreement makes things difficult. He’s inclined to have conversations approximately it, he said.

“My contract is $14 million subsequent yr,” Lewan stated. “If they arrive lower back and are like, ‘in case you want to come lower back, that is the number we will carry you returned at’ i am positive there could be a verbal exchange of how your knee appearance. Are you inquisitive about gambling? Mike and I have a brilliant court. Mike and I communicate, we textual content, and he makes fun of me and will on a set chat constantly. It’s a splendid relationship. So, there will be lots of transparency and he will inform me how he feels and what he thinks if he thinks it is a great element for them, then there may be communication available. If I were going to play some other yr, my desired spot could be wherein I have been for the closing nine years. I’m a devoted man, and it might experience very uncomfortable for me to put on a distinct uniform.”

At some point, conversations will want to take area.

At some unspecified time in the future, Lewan will make a decision.

At this factor, he cannot say a hundred percent how matters will become.

Lewan did say if he decides to keep playing soccer, he may not be doing it at 50, 60, 70, eighty, or ninety percent.

He’d be all in.

But proper now, he has to determine whether or not he’s in or out.

Today, he has some other busy day on the tremendous Bowl.

“I’ll say this: I would never step on a football subject in my whole life and no longer be one hundred percent in, due to the fact loads of things occur – you look like an idiot, due to the fact you do not play nicely, and you get harm,” Lewan said. “For me, if I am going to play soccer, it will be at 100 percent. There will be no Plan B. I’ll still do Bussin’ – it is me sitting on a bus for an hour every week and tweeting about it. It’s the identical aspect as these guys occurring on Twitch and playing video games. I’m just doing it from a podcast point of view.

“But if I determined to return – if I choose to play soccer inside the 2023 season, there may be no 1/2 in/half of out, because that is not the manner you ought to do an aggressive game on the elite level. You can not do this. It’s not the most effective wrong, it is just you are just never going to get the pleasant product you can. My career has been amazing – you may have a look at some of the bad in there, but pal, nine years, same team, three pro Bowls, help take a crew from 2-14 to 6 instantly prevailing seasons and being a part of that, being part of a culture shift. I am extremely pleased with my profession, and I’d in no way come back and play football, whether or not it changed into for the Titans or somebody else, and be like: I just want to reduce a check because I simply sense love it and that I need extra money. That isn’t always the man or woman I am, and I can not do this. I realize a few guys can, and some men do. It is amazing – you guys do what you need to do – but this is now not how I am going to function in the scenario. … proper now, I’ve a whole lot of decisions to make that I will make with my family within the following few weeks.”

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