Canibus late gave knowledge into a verse from his LL Cool J diss record “Second Round K.O.” that has provided fans cause to the opportunity to stop and think for a long while.

In one couplet during the melody’s subsequent section, the Jamaican rap craftsman boasts about his rhyme abilities being better than the Sovereigns legend’s, regardless of the uniqueness between their ledgers. “Indeed, let me tell you somethin’, you could get more money than me/However you ain’t got what it takes to eat a ni**a’s butt like me!” Canibus barks on the exemplary single, which was delivered in 1998 and created by Jerry Duplessis and Wyclef Jean.

With shoptalk having developed in the 25 years since the track previously dropped, a large number have confounded the significance of the verses, crediting them similar to a gloat about his sexual endeavors. The scandalous fight rapper eliminated confusion during an appearance at Outwardly With Gorilla NEMS show, giving set to the verses considering the different explanations those specific lines have motivated throughout the long term.

“Hello, that is not what it implied in those days!” he said when requested to make sense of the thinking behind the rhyme. “That is how old we are. Currently, you see that kind of stuff in the remarks segment on a site, and you can’t hope to make a meaningful difference either way. I take a gander at it and I’m like, ‘For what reason did I say that?’ due to the way things are. Be that as it may, I know why I expressed it in those days. The remark segment is simply… yellow tape.”

Canibus’ fight with LL brought about one of the most legendary rhyme-battles of its time, with the veteran answering LL’s punches on “4321” with “Second Round K.O.,” which was joined by a music video including an appearance from heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson. LL would return fire with his own diss record “The Ripper Strikes Back,” which saw the rap pioneer highlighting his enemy’s absence of business achievement, acclaim, and different honors.

Years after the level of their meat, the pair would have a round trip second when LL invited Canibus to go along with him in front of an audience during a live presentation in New York City. The event is one the lyricist recalls affectionately, as he itemized an open collaboration between the two preceding stirring things up around town. “I emerged to the Barclays to perform with him, right,” the MC started. “Hoodie jawn on and I’m staying there and this n-gaga got such a lot of gold on him. I’m like, ‘Yo, guess what? I can’t go out there with you. I want one of them ropes.’ So please, I asked him. I said, ‘Yo I got a thought.'”

He then, at that point, depicts a serious gaze down between the two, which immediately inferred their previous ill will. “We gazing intently at. He is gazing up at me and I’m letting you know what I’m talking about to me. It’s like, ‘Aw, same story, different day.’ And he checked me out. I could see the whites of his eyes off the cosmetics on his cheek. That is the way I could see he was looking directly at me. Also, I saw him like he could guess what I might be thinking, ‘On the off chance that you don’t give me that chain!’ That is the very thing that I was thinking about. He said, ‘Yo, get Canibus the child rope!’ That is the reason you all saw me emerge with the child rope!”

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