Joel and Ellie’s story enters another medium on HBO and HBO Max today at 6 pm Pacific Time.

It’s a dreamlike inclination. Think: In a couple of brief hours, Joel and Ellie will be acquainted with the whole world in another medium. I’m unbelievably appreciative to the group at Underhanded Canine, HBO, Sony Pictures Diversion, PlayStation Creations, and the cast and team individuals that got us to this memorable second.

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I’m excited that we tracked down Pedro and Bella to play our notable leads, Joel and Ellie. I can hardly trust that the world will encounter their depictions and most of these remarkable characters in a new manner.

Insidious Canine’s Co-President Neil Druckmann likewise needed to come around with a speedy directive for you all:

Also, one more fast note for you The Remainder of Us veterans. The HBO show follows the expansive beats of the general story from the game and is very unwavering in tone and soul. In any case, ideally, it won’t come as a shock that this isn’t a beat-by-beat, line-by-line transformation of the games. Neil, Craig, and the creative group made a move to wind in new characters, subjects, and areas — just where they felt consistent with the characters and the world, the “soul” of The Remainder of Us. Now and again this was finished to develop thoughts just momentarily investigated in the games, or because it better served the story construction of a wordy show.

In any case, have confidence, The Remainder of Us remains consistent with the spirit of the games. I trust you’ll go along with us this evening, and let us know your thought process!

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