• January 2, 2023
  • Adil Shahzad
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Seahawks Season finisher Situations Heading Into Week 18

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What the Seahawks need to have occurred in Week 18 to make the end-of-the-season games.

The Seahawks kept their season finisher trusts buzzing with a 23-6 win over the Planes on Sunday, however, they head into the last seven-day stretch of the standard season not completely in charge of their season finisher predetermination.

At 8-8, the Seahawks conflict the seventh and last Trump card compartment, similar to the Lions and Packers, who are additionally 8-8 and face each other in Green Narrows in Week 18.

For the Seahawks to make the end-of-the-season games, they need to beat the Rams at home one weekend from now, and they likewise need a Lions to prevail upon the Packers or a tie between those two groups. In the case of a Lions win and a Seahawks win, the Seahawks would hold the sudden death round by their straight-on triumph, though if the Packers and Seahawks both completed 9-8, Green Sound would progress because of a superior gathering record.

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