‘Did You Had at least some idea That There’s a Passage Under Sea Blvd’ has been pushed back to weeks to Walk 24

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Lana Del Rey has shared refreshes about her impending new collection, Did You Had at least some idea That There’s a Passage Under Sea Blvd. In a post on her personal Instagram page yesterday (Jan. 13), the vocalist said the delivery date has been pushed back two weeks from Walk 10 to Walk 24 and will accompany a boxed set and new merchandise, which she likewise saw.

Del Rey likewise shared some noteworthy craft of her presenting semi-bare for the collection (which has since been brought down for abusing Instagram’s rules) and the 16-melody track list, which was recently reported to highlight Jack Antonoff and his band Cheap seats, Jon Batiste, Father John Foggy, Tommy Beginning, and Judah Smith. Antonoff, alongside Drew Erickson and Zach Dawes, created the title track, which is out at this point.

Did You Have any idea That There’s a Passage Under Sea Blvd that can be pre-requested in different organizations on Del Rey’s true site? The collection follows two 2021 deliveries, Blue Rails, and Chemtrails Over the Nation Club, the two of which arrived at the main 10 on The Bulletin 20. Del Rey additionally showed up on Taylor Quick’s “Snow Near the ocean” from her collection Midnights, which turned into the previous’ greatest hit to date when it hit No. 4 Spot on the Bulletin Hot 100.

Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd tracklist

‘The Grants”
“Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”
“Judah Smith Interlude”
“Candy Necklace”
“Jon Batiste Interlude”
“Paris, Texas”
“Grandfather Please Stand on The Shoulders of My Father While He’s Deep-Sea Fishing”
“Let the Light In” (feat. Father John Misty)
“Margaret” (feat. Bleachers)
“Peppers” (feat. Tommy Genesis)
“Taco Truck x VB”

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