Consider him a “guitar god” or a’s “guitarist,” yet Jeff Beck was in a class alone. Beck, one the most acclaimed guitarists in rowdy history, passed on Tuesday in the wake of contracting bacterial meningitis, as per an assertion delivered by a marketing specialist for his loved ones. He was 78 years of age.

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Beck could play rock, jazz, blues, soul, and whatever got his ear. To Beck, the guitar — basically how he played it — could be as flexible an instrument as the human voice. “I just attempted to turn into a vocalist,” he told NPR in a 2010 meeting. “I think the Stratocaster, the specific guitar Stratocaster, fits vast potential outcomes in view of the spring-stacked span that it has. I can push down the whammy bar they call it, however, it’s a vibrato bar. Also, I can do endless minor departures from that by raising or bringing down the pitch. I can simultaneously play harmony and lower that pitch — six strings.”

Beck was brought into the world in Wallington, Britain in 1944. He became enchanted with the guitar as a youngster and first came to unmistakable quality playing in Quite a while – when he supplanted Eric Clapton and joined Jimmy Page. Beck left the band not long after and framed The Jeff Beck Gathering (alongside a then mostly secret vocalist named Bar Stewart).

In banters over guitar virtuosity, Beck is many times recorded at the exact moment as players like Clapton, Page, and Keith Richards. However, Beck was generally somewhat of a hermit — careful about the consideration that accompanied being a renowned performer. He cleared up for The New York Times in 2010 how he had an outlook on the music business in general:

Notwithstanding his earnest attempts to avoid the spotlight, Beck was as yet perceived and acclaimed. He gathered 17 Grammy designations, remembering one for Best Stone Execution for the current year’s service, and has won eight. He has been drafted into the Stone and Roll Lobby of Distinction two times — once with The Yardbirds and once all alone.

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