“They brought us back for one more year,” Andy Cohen swarmed toward the start of CNN’s New Year’s Eve inclusion from Times Square. Yet, “there’s certain limitations this year, some fine print.”

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Cohen and Cooper were well known for drinking generously during their past stretches covering the customary Times Square commencement. Cohen specifically became infamous for his liquor-filled castigations, which last year brought down New York City hall leader Bill de Blasio and television character Ryan Seacrest. Accordingly, CNN decided drinking was out on the current year’s live transmission.

The drinking boycott tended to be at the top.

“We can’t drink,” said Cohen, underlining that with a slight leap. “In any case, that is fine.” Cooper inquired as to whether Cohen would be “ready to make it” through the transmission. His accomplice joked, “Do I have a pocket of edibles? I don’t have the foggiest idea. This is a drawn-out night. This is a pledge drive with no infection.”

In any case, the couple vowed to warrior on, and they found a workaround – they will toast their crowd on the hour, however, it will be without liquor.

What the couple guaranteed was a “secret shot.” Covering their eyes, the crowd will see what they are drinking and toast with them. The primary shot was “pickle juice,” which caused both to swallow hard.

Cohen speculated the juice was tomato juice, which he admitted he abhors. Cooper guaranteed he never had a pickle.

The two hosts pursued the secret shot with juice boxes. “I lean toward tequila,” Cohen said.

Four more secret shots are forthcoming for the evening.

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