LOS ANGELES — Adam Rich, the youngster entertainer with a pageboy mop-top who enchanted television crowds as “America’s younger sibling” on Eight Is Sufficient, has passed on. He was 54.

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Rich passed on Saturday at his home in the Brentwood segment of Los Angeles, said Lt. Aimee Baron of the Los Angeles Region Clinical Inspector Coroner’s office. The reason for death was being scrutinized yet was not viewed as dubious.

Rich had a restricted acting vocation in the wake of featuring at age 8 as Nicholas Bradford, the most youthful of eight kids, on the ABC, hit dramedy that ran from 1977 to 1981.

He had a few disagreements with police connected with medications and liquor — and looked for treatment at the Betty Portage Center in Rancho Delusion.

Rich experienced a sort of despondency that opposed treatment and he had attempted to delete the shame of discussing psychological maladjustment, said marketing expert Danny Deraney. He fruitlessly tried exploratory fixes throughout the long term.

Deraney said he and others near Rich were stressed lately when they couldn’t contact him.

“He was only an extremely kind, liberal, cherishing soul,” Deraney told The Related Press. “Being a well-known entertainer isn’t really what he needed to be. … He had no inner self, not an ounce of it.”

Rich examined his psychological well-being on Twitter and noted in October that he’d been level-headed for quite a long time. He said he was flawed — alluding to captures, many spells in recovery, a few excesses, and “endless detoxes (and) backslides” — and encouraged his almost 19,000 supporters never to surrender.

“People weren’t worked to persevere through psychological sickness,” Rich tweeted in September. “The simple reality that certain individuals believe those to be powerless, or have an absence of a will is ludicrous … since it’s the inverse! It takes an extremely, resilient individual … a hero on the off chance that you will … to fight such sicknesses.”

Rich posted an image of himself from his prime with one-time youngster star Mickey Rooney.

“Everybody used to share with me, ‘You are the cutting edge Mickey Rooney,'” he tweeted. “In any case, when Mickey Rooney let me know that himself, it amounted to a whole lot more to me!”

Almost quite a while back, Rich partook in a lie that Could magazine distributed about the entertainer winding up dead in a burglary outside a Los Angeles club in 1996. The article in the semi-secret magazine was expected as a parody of America’s superstar fixation yet failed when the farce was uncovered.

“I think we were excessively unpretentious. Individuals were not getting the joke,” Rich later told the Chicago Tribune. “I would rather not be dead.”

Rich was the younger sibling to an age of Watchers at home as the mop-top child of a paper reporter played by Dick Van Patten, who needs to bring up eight youngsters alone after his significant other in the show — and the entertainer who played her — kicked the bucket during the shooting of the primary season.

Rich featured in the series Code Red from 1981-82 and voiced the personality of Presto the Entertainer on Prisons and Winged serpents from 1983-85, as per IMDB.com. He repeated his most popular job in two Eight Is Sufficient television film reunions.

In any case, the equilibrium of his acting profession was in single-episode appearances on probably the most well-known Television programs of the time: The Adoration Boat, The 6,000,000 Dollar Man, Silver Spoons, and Baywatch. His latest credit on IMDB was playing Crocodile Dundee on Reel Parody in 2003.

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