Whoopi Goldberg is confronting new examination for comments about the Holocaust after she recently drew a reaction for asserting the massacre was not “about race.”

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In a meeting with the Sunday Times distributed Saturday, “The View” co-have told the London-based paper that the Holocaust “wasn’t initially” in light of race.

“Recollect who they were killed first. They were not killing race; they were killing physically. They were killing individuals they viewed as intellectually inadequate. And afterward, they went with this choice,” she said.

Times columnist Janice Turner pushed back, taking note to the 67-year-old entertainer and comic that the race regulations Nazi Germany authorities executed focused on Jewish individuals.

When that’s what turner repeated “Nazis considered Jews to be a race,” Goldberg answered: “Indeed, yet that is the executioner, right? The oppressor is letting you know what you are. For what reason would you say you are trusting them? They’re Nazis. Why accept what they’re talking about?”

“It doesn’t change the way that you were unable to tell a Jew on a road,” Goldberg added. “You could track down me. You were unable to track down them.”

Goldberg offered the remarks in a meeting advancing her new film “Till” where she plays social liberties dissident Mamie Till-Mobley’s mom.

The entertainer’s most recent comments have ignited reestablished reaction via online entertainment.

“Whoopi Goldberg – 1 million Jews were killed in Auschwitz alone, so take an example from @AuschwitzMuseum,” Vast Israel prime supporter Aviva Klompas composed on Twitter. “Hitler designated Jews for demolition contending that we are a particular and second-rate race. Quit mutilating history. It’s hostile to each Jew killed in the Holocaust.”

“This is one of the times where I figure somebody ought to drive Whoopi Goldberg to go to a Holocaust exhibition hall and find out about the Nuremberg regulations,” tweeted computer game fashioner, Luc Bernard.

Goldberg, a Foundation Grant victor, was recently suspended by “The View” in the wake of offering comparative remarks about race and the Holocaust. She later apologized for those remarks.

ABC suspended Goldberg for the fourteen-day duration for her past comments, with ABC News president Kim Godwin saying in a proclamation she requested Goldberg to go on vacation “to reflect and find out about the effect of her remarks.”

“The whole ABC News association remains in fortitude with our Jewish partners, companions, family, and networks,” Godwin said at that point.

Goldberg said in saying ‘sorry’ recently that her help for Jewish individuals would “never waiver.”

“Please accept my apologies for the hurt I have caused,” Goldberg composed then.

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