• December 24, 2022
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SAN ANGELO, Texas — White Christmas and west Texas are not words you normally find in a similar sentence except if it respects the absence of White Christmases nearby, be that as it may, there have been a couple of events west Texans have seen the enchantment of a cold Christmas.

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The Public Places for Natural Data (NCEI) has characterized A “White Christmas” as a snow profundity of something like one inch saw on December 25th. This implies that it should either snow one inch on Christmas or 1 inch of snow from the earlier day should in any case be on the ground.

Official snowfall information exists for Abilene and San Angelo, the two biggest urban communities inside the NWS San Angelo District Cautioning Region.

San Angelo Christmas Snowfall Data

YearSnow Amount

San Angelo Snowfall Data (* Incomplete 1907-1943) CC NWS

Abilene Christmas Snowfall Data

YearSnow Amount

As per the tables above, Abilene has had three “official” White Christmases while San Angelo has encountered two, going back quite a while back. All the more as of late, in 2009, Abilene had a Christmas Eve snowfall bringing about three creeps of snow still on the ground come Christmas morning. This was likewise the last White Christmas Abilene has seen since.

With respect to San Angelo, “a White Christmas has not been seen since before Irving Berlin at any point put words to his popular tune,” said the NWS. A Christmas day with something like 1 inch of snow has not happened in that frame of mind since before The Second Great War.

The NWS determined the likelihood of every area having a White Christmas, as somewhat above 2% in Abilene and just shy of 2% in San Angelo.

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