Steam Replay is Valve’s new feature page going over a lot of fun details about your gaming year, something made well known by any semblance of Spotify Wrapped and comparable occasions from various different spots.

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It’s a seriously fun piece of data and you can set your page public to send it to others as well. I’m not going to because mine is a little humiliating somehow or another. It gives you an investigate the number of new games you played, what stages your played on, the games you set the most focus on, the greatest types you played, how long you utilized console + mouse or gamepad, your top VR games, your longest gaming streak, etc. So you can figure out fun subtleties like 9% of your complete recess being in Profound Stone Cosmic.

Steam Replay takes information between January first and December fourteenth, 2022, and does exclude any disconnected mode play, which makes sense of why a portion of mine is a ton lower than I anticipated. I put myself in disconnected mode a ton, in any case, I wind up getting spammed with messages all too much about new games.

The page unquestionably has serious room for improvement to see on the work area however, it’s a versatile first plan and looks somewhat too monstrous in the work area.

I’m shocked my plain “Linux” (work area) time was still so enormous, on the other hand, it most likely shouldn’t astonish me since I test a ton of games for GamingOnLinux straightforwardly across my work area and Steam Deck. Additionally, I utilize Remote Play as well so there’s that.

You even get a pleasant composition of the relative multitude of games you played as well. Nothing unexpected to see Vampire Survivors on my top rundown there, that game was extremely challenging to put down after first getting into it.

Go ahead and share yours in the remarks.

Valve likewise conveyed a press email about it and made another senseless trailer:

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