Shania Twain expressed that flaunting her “new body” as she progresses in years has been “freeing.”

The 57-year-old became authentic about how presenting topless for the front of her most recent single, “Awakening Dreaming,” mended her deep-rooted self-perception issues.

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“This is me communicating my reality. I’m agreeable in my skin, and this is how I’m sharing that certainty,” Twain told Individuals on Wednesday, adding that anything is “trendy” assuming it’s well used with “certainty.”

“I’m a lady in my late 50s, and I don’t have to take cover behind the garments. I couldn’t see you how great it felt to do the bare shooting. I was so unashamed of my new body, you know, as a lady that is very much into my menopause. I’m not even close to home about it; I simply have an OK outlook on it.”

In the cover workmanship, Twain covered her uncovered chest with her arms as she presented in a rancher cap and a couple of vivid narrow boots.

While the picture stunned a few fans, the national pop symbol is no odder to cut her way into the music business.

“All along — the absolute first video — I was dumping the bra,” the artist said, taking note of her choice to go sans bra in the 1993 music video for “What Made You Say That.”

“Yet, I was significantly firmer then, so as I became older, I began feeling an alternate tension of, ‘Indeed, your bosoms are not generally so stout as they used to be. Your skin isn’t as close as it used to be. Perhaps you ought to fire concealing it somewhat more.'”

Twain added that when she saw her “boldness” was “dulling,” she promised not to “relapse” to her unreliable self.

“I’m embracing my body as it changes, as I ought to have from my life as a youngster to my teenagers, as I ought to be from my tight, the 20s and 30-year-old self, to my menopausal body. I won’t be timid about it. I need to be gutsy about it and share that mental fortitude in the work of art I am coordinating.”

Twain remained quiet about that guarantee this year at Individuals’ Decision Grants when she strolled honorary pathway in a provocative, semi-sheer, cheetah-print outfit.

The group — which gave proper respect to her famous look from the 1998 “That Don’t Intrigue Me Much” music video — incorporated a hood, dark velvet skirt, sheer sleeves, and waist board that flaunted her conditioned abs.

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