Most of the approximately 1 billion stand-up comedy specials on Netflix get proper to it, with a disembodied voice proclaiming, “women and gents, make some noise for …” because the comic takes the degree. Now and again there’s a prologue, e.G., Aziz Ansari on foot in Brooklyn earlier than commencing the backstage door in “Aziz Ansari: Right Now,” or a montage of Anjelah Johnson making stops in Tampa, Baton Rouge, Jacksonville, Orlando, et al., in “Anjelah Johnson: no longer Fancy,” or arguably the most complicated front in contemporary stand-up tv unique records: Jerry Seinfeld leaping out of a helicopter into the Hudson River in a Bond-like prelude to “23 Hours to Kill.”

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For “Sebastian Maniscalco: Is It Me?,” the northwest suburban local (who sounds like he turned into born in a Scorsese film) intones, “Vegas: the jewel of the desert … while today the resorts are taller and shinier, the clientele has … misplaced a number of its sheen,” as we see a montage of present-day casinos and characters.

“My favorite Vegas is from a bygone generation … while everyone smoked, drank martinis, and dressed to impress,” keeps Maniscalco, as we see a montage of photos of him photoshopped with the Rat percent. “That’s the Vegas I’d want to carry back to life.” cut to Maniscalco in a tux, on foot onto a gold degree with gold curtains on the Encore Theater in Wynn Las Vegas.

It’s a nice touch, or even a number of the target audience members venerated Maniscalco’s request to get dressed up like inside the antique days — however then it’s time to get down to it, and like every different comedy special, what matters is the hour with the comedian and just a microphone, combing through their life’s reports, making observations approximately the sector in which we live, setting themselves out there if you want to make us giggle. On that notice, Maniscalco is a pro, likable, strong pro at the pinnacle of his game who will preserve you laughing and nodding in popularity throughout.

“Absolutely everyone says you need to have a date night if you have kids …,” says Maniscalco in his beginning bit. “So now we go out and we argue without the children. It’s great, we get loads extra executed without the kids being there.” And don’t even get him started approximately how his wife “doesn’t utilize her menu time as it should be … start studying, get your head inside the menu, they’re gonna ask us questions! Pick out a protein, forestall looking at the [crown] molding.”

Maniscalco is infrequently probable to incite Ricky Gervais or Dave Chappelle-level backlash, but he does poke a laugh at “woke” tendencies, e.G., saying he has little persistence for the classmate in his daughter’s kindergarten magnificence who identifies as a lion: “23 kids, one lion in the class. … I don’t blame the child, I blame the mother and father. Kid probably came down inside the morning, dressed as a lion … if my youngster comes down and he’s dressed as a panda endure, I’m telling him, ‘Get the f— upstairs and positioned a few jeans on, I’m now not taking a panda to undergo to highschool.’ … We don’t see that outfit ever once more. Daddy said no.”

Whilst not openly political, Maniscalco’s comedy persona is that of an old-school man who makes politically wrong (however not hardcore offensive) observations about ethnicity and race and current-day sensitivities (“you couldn’t say ‘walk-in closet’ anymore [because] no longer all of our walks”) and is bemused by way of cutting-edge-day, mild parenting, saying that’s no longer for him: “I speak to my son like he’s inside the union, nearby 606, operating a warehouse 15 hours.”

All of us recognize men like Sebastian Maniscalco. They’re just not as funny about it.

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