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In Harry & Meghan, Perry compares the palace’s remedy of the couple to that of a batterer. “This female became abused,” says Perry. “And so become he.”

Reputedly, even princes and princesses sometimes need fairy godmothers and godfathers. Within the 6th and final installment of Netflix’s Harry & Meghan, the bombshell docuseries outlining the royals’ decision to step away from respectable duties, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle provide an explanation for how billionaire Hollywood manufacturer Tyler Perry swooped in to rescue them at some stage in a time of want.

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After Harry and Meghan severed official ties with the British royal circle of relatives in 2020, the couple says that they had been living on Vancouver Island in a domestic swarmed with the aid of paparazzi and with out government-furnished security. It was round this time that Meghan called Perry—who had at the start reached out to the couple previous to their 2018 wedding ceremony—and Perry offered them his $18 million Beverly Hills mansion, private security, and a personal plane to secretly transport them, their son, Archie; Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland; their dogs; and more than a dozen suitcases from Canada to California.

“He [was] like, ‘My residence is secure.… You’re going to live as long as you need,’” remembers Meghan. “‘and i’m going get you there thoroughly. And that i’m gonna maintain you there safely till you’ve got someplace to move.”

In cellular telephone video taken at the personal aircraft at some stage in that pinnacle-secret venture—media did not find out the couple became in California for 6 weeks—Harry famous that he and Meghan had no longer even met Perry before the producer offered up his domestic.

“that is the present day state of affairs, thanks to another awesome pal, whom we’ve by no means met, however who believes in us and wants to assist,” says Harry.

At every other point within the episode, Perry explains what about Harry and Meghan’s tale resonated deeply sufficient with him to attain out to the couple inside the first area, earlier than their wedding.

“I’m no longer a royal watcher…however I saw something approximately her father,” says Perry, relating to Thomas Markle and the revelation that he staged and bought photographs to the press. “i found it to be hurtful if he have been my father, and that i couldn’t even imagine this female finding the man that she cherished, the person of her dreams, and him being a prince, and having to walk into all of that madness and need the security of your circle of relatives, and then have your father do some horrible matters.”

“while my existence changed and achievement commenced to come back, family participants became extraordinary people,” maintains Perry. “And i know how hurtful and horrible it could be. I at once empathized with her. This turned into before the marriage. And that i sent her a be aware, just praying for her just for you to circulate through it and keep on, and let her recognize that the entirety in her life had organized her for this moment, or so I notion.”

In a separate interview, Meghan stocks her side of the tale.

“He despatched me a letter earlier than the marriage simply pronouncing he was praying for me. And that if I ever need something, he could be there,” recalls Meghan. “Months and months and months went by means of. After which sooner or later, whilst we have been in Canada, I had called him. Finally, after years at that point, first time we ever spoke, and i used to be just a spoil, i used to be simply crying and crying. Sometimes it’s simply less complicated to confide in someone who is aware of not anything in any respect. And that became that moment with me and Tyler.”

Perry famous that Meghan confided her non-public fears to him over that smartphone call—and the conversation made him assume again to how Princess Diana become hounded by means of media after her divorce from Prince Charles with little safety, he thinks, from the palace.

“[Meghan] changed into frightened of them destroying her, or going loopy, or them making her assume she changed into loopy,” says Perry, referring to the palace. “I knew the signs and symptoms. I knew what it turned into like. All of us’s like, ‘Tyler, how dare you examine this to the abuse of your mother?’ This lady turned into abused. And so become he.” relating to the couple’s claims about the palace’s unwillingness to assist them, Perry says, “to use the institution to try to do all the things a batterer would do, like, ‘We’re gonna cut off the cash.’ ‘We’re gonna no longer leave you safety.’ ‘We’re gonna do all the ones things to make you comply and are available back.’ And for the each of them to have the wherewithal to mention, ‘I don’t give a damn if it’s the palace. I’m out of right here.’ I applauded that.”

A scene in the docuseries, which changed into directed by using Liz Garbus, indicates Meghan, Harry, and Perry wandering the grounds of the Beverly Hills mansion wherein the couple stayed throughout COVID.

“It became bliss,” Harry recalls of these non violent six weeks. The couple famous that Archie took his first steps in Perry’s backyard. Later photos inside the episode suggests Meghan and Harry making a balloon arch for Archie’s first birthday, and celebrating with Ragland.

Although Meghan, Harry, and Archie in the end relocated from Perry’s Beverly Hills estate to their own Montecito mansion, the couple known as the manufacturer about a year after Archie’s birthday with an invitation to make Perry’s role within their own family legit.

“They stated, ‘We’d like a good way to be Lili’s godfather,’” Perry says, relating to Meghan and Harry’s daughter, Lilibet. “i am going, ‘Whoa.’ I needed to take a minute to take that in. And that i concept, I’d be honored. I’d certainly be commemorated.”

After figuring out what he had just been through—vicariously—with Meghan and Harry’s extended family, although, the manufacturer says he introduced a caveat to his godfather-dom.

“I referred to as them again and go, ‘Uh, keep on a 2nd—does this imply we gotta move over [to the UK] and do all of that during church with [the royal family] and figure all that out? ’cause I don’t wanna do that. Perhaps we are able to perform a little personal ceremony here [in the US] and allow that be that.’”

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