• December 3, 2022
  • Adil Shahzad
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A 7-year-antique lady mysteriously vanished from her Texas bedroom after she was given into a controversy with her stepmother and had been missing for 2 days.

Athena Strand was closely visible in her Paradise home Wednesday at five: forty-five p.M., an Amber Alert states. The metropolis lies about forty miles northwest of the citadel well worth.

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“We know that there has been a little bit of an argument among her and her step-mom final night time however it isn’t anything unusual,” wise County Sheriff Lane Akin advised NBC 5. “there was that argument, then step-mother went to restoration dinner, came back to get Athena, and Athena wasn’t in her room.”

The stepmother looked for Athena for approximately an hour before she said the younger female missing, Akin stated.

Police theorize she left the house on her personal but may additionally have gotten misplaced. Officials waited to launch an Amber Alert until Thursday morning because her circle of relatives told police that Athena had performed this before and officials hoped they would locate her in the nighttime, WFAA suggested.

Athena’s own family, however, told police the female is scared of the dark and changed into unsure she might willingly leave the house by herself.

“We don’t trust Athena ran off,” Keeland Kulbeth, Athena’s aunt and sister to Athena’s mother, told NBC 5.

Police also are searching into criminal activity and kidnapping opportunities.

Athena’s disappearance sparked severe seek efforts. About 2 hundred residents joined various Texas departments to sweep an expected 50 acres in Paradise. The response became so overwhelming that the sensible County Workplace of Emergency management branch asked volunteers to stop showing up to search parties.

The search persisted thru Friday. At some stage in the nighttime searches, helicopters used thermal imaging to seize signs of Athena, Akin stated.

“We’re no longer going to surrender. We’re going to maintain operating,” said Akin.

Athena’s family describes her as a kind and sweet little lady.

“She’s a very loving, pleasant child, loves people, loves animals, loves plant life, she’s a completely girly lady,” Kulbeth told NBC 5.

“I’m scared and I’m hoping that we discover her ’motive I wouldn’t want every person to be in this right now.”

Athena changed into the final visible carrying a grey lengthy-sleeve shirt with white vegetation, blue denim with white flora on the wallet, and brown boots, as Amber alerts recommend. She has pierced ears; however, she wasn’t carrying jewelry at the time of her disappearance. She also has two red birthmarks on her decreased back.

Everybody with records on Athena’s disappearance or region is asked to call the smart County Sheriff’s workplace at 940-627-5971.

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