A day dabbling on his vehicle assortment sent Jay Leno to the emergency clinic with severe singeing to his face and hands.

Presently, the entertainer is plunking down, discussing how the mishap occurred and his street to recovery.

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The previous “This evening Show” talked in a meeting with the “Today” show.

Leno said that he and a companion were in his carport loaded with one-of-a-kind vehicles, attempting to fix an over-100-year-old vehicle on Nov. 12.

“It was a 1907 Whtie Steam Vehicle. The fuel line was stopped up so I was under. It sounded stopped and I said, ‘Blow some air through the line,’ thus he did.”

Leno said after the fuel line made a clamor, gas emerged.

“What’s more, abruptly, blast! I got a face brimming with gas. And afterward, the pilot light hopped and my face burst into flames,” Leno told Hoda Kotb.

Leno cleared up for Individuals magazine how the motor functions: “With a steam vehicle, you have fuel, yet you likewise have a vaporizer, which is warmed by a pilot light to transform water into steam.”

Leno let the magazine know that when he felt the blazes, he shut his eyes and paused his breathing as he attempted to get free from the vehicle.

“I’m not a panicky person, but rather I knew whether I took in I could burn my lungs,” he told Individuals. “I was under the vehicle perhaps 10 seconds before Dave hauled me out. Any longer than that I might have lost my eye.”

Fortunately his companion Dave Killackey was there and covered the flares. From the get-go, Killackey didn’t have any idea what was happening however at that point acted quickly.

“Also, I shared with my companion, I said, ‘Dave, I’m ablaze.’ And Dave’s like, ‘OK.’ I said, ‘No, Dave, I’m ablaze!’ And afterward, ‘Goodness, my God.’ Dave, old buddy, hauled me out, hopped on top of me, and sort of covered the fire,” Leno said.

Leno was taken to a nearby emergency clinic and afterward moved to Grossman Consume Center where he was treated for severe singeing to his face, chest, and hands, CNN detailed.

Leno said he took no aggravation drug during his treatment.

“The aggravation is an update that I’m an imbecile,” he told Individuals magazine.

Following a 10-day clinic stay that included skin units and hyperbaric chamber treatment, Leno was back in front of an audience performing at a parody club in Hermosa Ocean side, ridiculing himself even before he began his set, CNN detailed.

“We got two shows this evening — standard and extra firm,” Leno told correspondents and the group that had amassed external the setting that evening, “Today” announced.

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