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Hanukkah recognizes the Maccabees’ triumph over the Greeks and the rededication of the Subsequent Sanctuary. The highlight of the Hanukkah festivity is the menorah, it is a season to praise love, family, and custom.

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For the 32nd commemoration of Hanukkah Lights, Susan Stamberg and Murray Horwitz return to old top picks from writers Tova Mirvis, Eduard Havazelet, Rebecca O’Connell, and Farideh Goldin and read another story by Nancy Luberoff. Pay attention to the full extraordinary above or hear individual stories beneath.

“Potatoes” by Tova Mirvis

Tova Mirvis is the writer of The Book of Partition, a journal, which was a New York Times Book Survey Supervisor’s Decision and was excerpted in the New York Times’ Cutting edge Love section. She has likewise composed three books, Noticeable City, The Rest of the World, and The Women Helper, which was a public hit. Her articles have shown up in different collections and papers, including The Boston Globe Magazine, Genuine Straightforward, and Brain research Today. She lives in Newton, Mass.

In “Potatoes,” a desolate and distanced outsider tracks down expect the future and a feeling of having a place while looking for potatoes for her family’s Hanukkah latkes.

“54 Menorahs” by Nancy Luberoff

Nancy Luberoff lives in Sanctuary Slope, N.C., and has worked and chipped in the Jewish people group for the greater part of her life. She was the establishing overseer of Hillel at Elon College and right now fills in as co-leader of a little Jewish graveyard. She appreciates composing anecdotes about her family, particularly her mom, Renee Luberoff.

“54 Menorahs” is around one lady’s sizable and offbeat menorah assortment and its significant heritage.

“Thoroughly searching in A Vacation Story” by Ehud Havazelet

Ehud Havazelet (1955-2015) was the creator of two-story assortments and the original Bearing the Body. He was granted associations from the Guggenheim, Whiting, and Rockefeller establishments, and showed up in the exploratory writing program at the College of Oregon.

In “Thoroughly searching in A Vacation Story,” a befuddled understudy fears his family’s Hanukkah festivity until a far-fetched experience in Christmas-fixated Manhattan significantly impacts his viewpoint.

“Nerd Week” by Rebecca O’Connell

Rebecca O’Connell is the writer of The Child Goes Blare, Child March, Child Party, and numerous other youngsters’ books. She lives in Pittsburgh, Dad.

In “Nerd Week,” two cousins meet interestingly during Hanukkah at a secondary school science camp after a family crack has kept them separated.

“My Hanukkah Gift” By Farideh Goldin

Farideh Dayanim Goldin was brought into the world in Shiraz, Iran, where she experienced childhood in a Muslim area. She is the creator of two journals, Wedding Melody: Diaries of an Iranian Jewish Lady and Leaving Iran: Among Relocation and Exile. She was overseer of the Organization for Jewish Examinations and Interfaith Comprehension at Old Domain College, where she showed exploratory writing and writing. She lives in Norfolk, Va.

In “My Hanukkah Gift,” a valuable gift prompts the get-together of lifelong companions and a compromise of old societies.

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