New lifeless through daytime killer The Knight has been found out for the multiplayer horror recreation, alongside a brand new survivor, map, and exceptional of lifestyles modifications

The brand new dead by daytime killer replace cast in Fog has been discovered, and it will add a new killer, survivor, and map to the asymmetrical multiplayer recreation from Behaviour Interactive. The lifeless through daytime update release date has additionally been showed, and it’s highly soon.

There’s lots to unpack on this dead with the aid of daylight killer update, together with a ultra-modern cinematic to have fun the whole monitor of cast in Fog, so let’s destroy everything down within the horror recreation screen so that you realize what to expect when it releases.

Solid in Fog is popping out on November 22, and chapter 26 is bringing with it thousands of latest content that’s going to move all mediaeval on you.

New Killer The Knight is a towering mediaeval knight that could use their Guardia Compagnia electricity to create an AI “patrol direction” that summons a defend that could patrol, hunt survivors, harm generators and pallets, and maintain an eye at the map while you’re away. The defend leaves a wellknown flag when they spawn, and survivors can outsmart the guard via outlasting their hunt timer, unhooking a survivor, or catching the usual flag.

There are three guards: The Carnifex, murderer, and Jailer. The Knight can only use every of their unique competencies one at a time though.

The new survivor is Vittorio Toscano, a pupil who become working with useless by way of sunlight hours killer The Knight. The 2 may have their narratives intertwined, as Toscano initially employed The Knight to assist him throughout an expedition, before matters went bitter.

It’s now not just a new useless by way of daytime killer and survivor although, as new map The Shattered square will arrive with the update, but now not much has been revealed about the map simply but. There are even some quality of life changes in the lifeless with the aid of daytime killer replace, like survivor bots in custom suits, visible upgrades to the basement and breakable items, and flashlight adjustments too.

If you want some assist in the sport, we’ve got a lifeless by way of daylight hours killer tier list that must help you determine out who’s high-quality for you.

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