To borrow from Thunderclap Newman, there’s something in the air. No, now not pumpkin spice lattes. Now not the ones Yankee Candles your mom offered. No, it’s the relaxed and creepy tones of John chippie‘s signature Halloween rating. Hell, if you positioned your ear to the floor, you might even hear the pulsing, five/4 beat that receives our blood pumping and the crowd roaring.

This week marks the return of Michael Myers to Haddonfield with Halloween Ends, and your Halloweenies are celebrating by way of unlocking an episode from their Patreon vault. Recorded in October 2021, the two-hour conversation beneath reveals the gang heading to WKNB, where they rank every single score in the Halloween franchise.

Joining them is horror rating scholar J. Blake Fichera, author of the have to-very own Scored to dying and Scored to death 2 volumes. Collectively, they spherical robin their respective ratings — from 1978’s Halloween all the manner to 2021’s Halloween Kills — the likes of which ends up in a definitive list that die-tough fans of the franchise need to respect for eternity.

We kid. We youngster.

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