What is Jennifer Lopez as much?

The actress and singer’s social media went dark on Tuesday and followers are trying to discern what its method is.

All of the previous posts on her confirmed Instagram account have been deleted and there were no new postings on her Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter bills.

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Lopez has nearly 347 million fans overall, with the majority of those – 226 million – on Instagram. The picture on that account changed into absent Wednesday with simplest a black dot showing.

Such actions by way of a celebrity generally precede some form of major statement. Friday marks the 20th anniversary of her 0.33 studio album “that is Me… Then,” which she devoted to her then-beau (now husband) Ben Affleck.

The album covered the singles “Jenny from the Block,” “All I’ve” and “dear Ben.”

Over on Twitter, in which the closing motion on her account became a retweet from the account of her drawing close movie “Shotgun wedding ceremony,” costarring Josh Duhamel, there had been some questions and a piece of pleasure.

“thing large has to be going on!

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