• November 17, 2022
  • Adil Shahzad
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Popeye’s has struck once more with a spicy new menu supplying, blackened chook sandwiches.

The sandwiches debuted on the chain’s menu forums nationwide to the pleasure of lovers earlier this week.

The fried chicken sandwich sells in traditional and highly spiced for approximately $four.99 a chunk for a restricted time. What sets the blackened sandwiches apart is they are breading-free. So, it’s all approximately the spice.

In truth, Popeye’s is marketing the brand new item as “no breading, all flavor.” The chain found out on Twitter it uses an aggregate of black pepper, cumin, red pepper, garlic, onion, paprika, white pepper, and salt.

For Popeye’s, the release of a brand new bird sandwich is large news. The chain handiest entered the fowl sandwich area in 2019, igniting a chicken sandwich war with competitor Chick-fil-A.

In a press release, the chain noted its culinary group took 4 years to broaden this “model of the conventional Blackening cooking technique, which originated in Louisiana and is used to higher seal in seasoning and spices to taste the beef.”

So changed into the wait worth it?

We hit the pressure-through and ordered one “classic” and one “spicy” to discover what all the fuss is ready for. The sandwiches come packaged in a white sleeve tucked right into a signature Popeye’s aluminum foil %.

Certainly, the ratio of fowl to brioche bun is a piece off. The bun dominates the sandwich, which is slathered in mayonnaise and Popeye’s pickles. Any real blackening at the chicken was hard to detect, but the filet itself turned juicy and tender.

The flavor follows the Louisiana Cajun profile. I select the spicy sandwich over the traditional, just for the zip. I mean, in case you’re going to reserve a blackened bird sandwich it would as properly have a little warmness.

However, the spicy isn’t blow-your-head off hot like get me a drink ASAP. Folks who don’t like spice, ought to keep on with the conventional.

The sandwiches clock in at approximately 973 energy, just barely less than Popeye’s conventional chicken sandwich, which boasts 1,122 energy.

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