The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Halloween Specials has been an annual culture since the collection’ 2nd season in 1990. The specials see the titular circle of relatives in diverse non-canon horror-themed shorts, maximum of the time ensuing in characters both loss of life or encountering very incredible situations and creatures. Many times they parody famous horror movies and tropes.

Whilst speakme to leisure Weekly approximately the 2022 version of the popular vacation episode collection producer Matt Salman stated:

“‘Treehouse of Horror’ is our most famous episode of the yr. They’re a tremendous match after soccer with soccer fanatics and scary violence. Additionally, we’re uninterested in being limited by means of the six-minute testimonies. It’s so difficult to inform a complete tale. In fact, we should slightly cram the ‘It’ parody into the half of-hour layout. Human beings certainly love the ones things a lot, so why not enlarge the ‘Treehouse of Horror’ logo?“

This yr the Treehouse of Horror will encompass two separate specials. The primary is a parody of Stephen King’s IT, even as the second special takes us on a journey thru three parodies of different horror-themed tales. The first become The Babadook, the second become Westworld, and the 1/3 and maximum unexpected of all is the famous Shonen jump manga/anime series loss of life observe.

The phase, referred to as “demise Tome”, sees Lisa Simpson find a version of the loss of life word called the ‘demise Tome’. She turns into the equivalent of death observe‘s protagonist mild Yagami and she or he meets a model of Ryuk named ‘Steve Johnson and becomes strength-hungry with the might of the tome.

What’s turning heads is the fact that the segment is lively in the style of the collection it’s parodying. Pretty the greater mile when they could have without difficulty simply performed a similar story.

It is pretty the sightseeing of the Simpsons in this hyper-stylized setting. The excellent is obviously high-manufacturing, meaning it need to had been very expensive to make. You need to respect the willpower to the bit.

This isn’t the primary time we saw The Simpsons collide with the world of anime. In 2014 they paid tribute to Studio Ghibli.

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