• October 2, 2022
  • Adil Shahzad
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Oklahoma quarterback Dillon Gabriel is in blackout convention subsequent to passing on Saturday’s 55-24 misfortune to TCU following a hit to the head on a slide in the subsequent quarter.

Gabriel didn’t return as the Sooners dropped their second sequential game.

With Oklahoma following 34-10, Gabriel went around the left end, slid feet-first and was hit hard by TCU linebacker Jamoi Hodge, who brought down a shoulder into Gabriel’s protective cap. Gabriel laid on the turf for a few minutes as players in the two groups must be isolated.

Hodge was hailed for focusing on and catapulted.

“I don’t ponder the hit,” Oklahoma mentor Brent Venables said after the game, while saying he had no further update at this point. “It’s football … it’s essential for the game. My anxiety is with Dillon and his wellbeing and his security.”

The Sooners experienced one more frightening injury in the final quarter when guarded back Damond Harmon laid on the turf subsequent to being thumped back while making a tackle in the final quarter.

The two groups stooped on the field as clinical staff put Harmon on a cot and took him for additional assessment.

“He’s had a past filled with a few back issues,” Venables said. “A specialist that was there felt like his neck was steady and alright, yet they will do a X-ray, look at him and play it safe. He was in some torment, a truckload of agony.”

TCU mentor Sonny Dykes opened his postgame news gathering by saying he trusted Harmon was alright and that his considerations go out to him, additionally saying he lamented the injury to Gabriel.

“I abhorred the way that worked out,” Dykes said. “Dillon is a decent player. Also, I realize Jamoi absolutely didn’t mean for that to occur. He was annoyed about it. My contemplations are with those folks and I trust they’re both back rapidly and playing for Oklahoma.”

Gabriel, who was 7 of 16 for 12 yards before the injury, strolled off the field with assistance and was subsequently precluded until the end of the game. Gabriel was supplanted by Davis Beville, a 6-foot-6, 235-pound junior who moved from Pitt this offseason.

Beville completed 7 of 16 for 50 yards.

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