Pokemon Go Style Challenger setups and counters (September 2022)

Style Challengers have gotten back to Pokemon Go for the Design Week 2022 occasion, so we have subtleties of their setups and the counters you can use to fight them with.

The yearly Design Week occasion is a feature for Pokemon Go players. Last year included the appearance of Furfrou and its many trims, while this year sees Mareanie and Toxapex make their hotly anticipated debuts.

One returning component in the current year’s occasion is the Style, Challenger. These are style-themed NPCs that challenge players with their exceptional Pokemon setups, in spite of the fact that they work somewhat better this year.

So whether you’ve experienced a Cool Challenger, a Rough Challenger, or a Particular Challenger, you can track down their setups in general and a few prescribed counters to overcome them underneath.

The most effective method to fight a Style Challenger in Pokemon Go

You can experience Style Challengers in Pokemon Go by managing the Design Week 2022 Coordinated Exploration mission. Fights will be given out as a prize toward the finish of each step so you don’t have to go out investigating to track down them.

This works somewhat better than last year’s Style Week occasion, where Design Challengers showed up close to arbitrary PokeStops. There were additionally six different Style Challengers to find during that occasion, yet just three during the current year’s occasion.

Style Challengers will just show up during the Design Week occasion, which runs from September 27 at 10 AM until October 3 at 8 PM nearby time. You’ll have to finish this Coordinated Exploration journey before the occasion’s end date.

Design Challenger arrangements in Pokemon Go (September 2022)

Here are all of the Design Challengers and the Pokemon they will utilize:

Cool ChallengerFurfrouFrillishCroagunk
Quirky ChallengerFurfrouMareanieDiglett
Rugged ChallengerFurfrouBlitzleAbsol

Best counters for Pokemon Go Style Challengers

Each Style Challenger will begin its fight by conveying Furfrou, which is a typical kind of Pokemon. Thus, you’ll continuously need serious areas of strength for a kind like Machamp, Lucario, and Conkeldurr in your group.

If you’re facing a Cool Challenger, ensure you bring along a Dull, Electric, Phantom, or Grass-type Pokemon to bring down Frillish and a Flying, Ground, or Mystic-sort Pokemon to overcome Croagunk.

While going head to head against a Particular Challenger, you’ll need an Electric, Ground, or Mystic sort Pokemon to overcome Mareanie then a Grass, Ice, or Water-type Pokemon to win against Diglett without any problem.

At last, if you’re facing a Rough Challenger, the main shortcoming Blitzle has is Ground-type assaults so pick areas of strength for a kind Pokemon followed by a Bug, Pixie, or Battling-type Pokemon for Absol.

While it’s consistently smart to serious areas of strength for having, the current year’s Design Challengers are very simple to overcome, so one number of Unbelievable or pseudo-Amazing of any kind ought to be sufficient to overcome them.

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