• October 17, 2022
  • Adil Shahzad
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(on if this felt like a school climate today) “No doubt, it generally does when you play in this state. The fans are insane. Returning to an experience that was insane. Luckily, we go a success. It was an extraordinary day for us.”

(on what it seemed like to toss the game-dominating score to Ja’Marr Pursue) “That was a staggering play by him. Whenever hard times arise, I will attempt to track down that fellow and he will make plays for us… … I’m never amazed by that person.”

(on how rapidly he realizes that he would toss the last score to Pursue) “When I saw the look, I realize that I was going there. They (the Holy people) are a decent safeguard and great protection. They made it intense on us day in and day out. We get a make light of the stretch to get the success.”

(on his inclination to enter the arena toward the beginning of today) “I have a ton of extraordinary recollections. It was one game, however, I have a ton of extraordinary recollections of this arena (and) a ton of extraordinary recollections of this culture and these fans. Thus, it was perfect to return and feel that energy once more.”

(on wearing Ja’Marr Pursue’s LSU pullover from the Public Title game as he strolled into the arena) “I needed to honor individuals of Louisiana. What preferable method for doing it over with the pullover that Ja’Marr wore in the public title game?”

(on his third-down scramble late) “It’s third down. The game is on the line, fundamentally. I realize that I needed to make a play. In those circumstances, I realize that I can expand plays further than perhaps I generally would, so I confided in my preparation. I realized we wanted a play. T. B. (Tyler Boyd) worked effectively of getting open. It was an extraordinary play for us.”

Bengals Wide Collector Ja’Marr Pursue (on the game-dominating score get) “Me and Joe (Tunnel) were in total agreement with the back shoulder (pass). He tossed me so that way I could make a person miss. I saw Tyrann (Mathieu) coming, and I just made a play with my feet.”

(on Tunnel wearing Pursue’s LSU shirt) “It was insane when he asked me for it since I didn’t have any idea what he planned to do. Then, when I saw him with it on, it was somewhat cool showing him repping me while I was in my old neighborhood.”

(on where the shirt was put away) “On the wall. I needed to bring it down to give it to him.”

(on the environment today) “It was insane realizing that I was back home. The group was insane. The fans were insane. New Orleans fans and Bengals fans were both eager to see the two groups. It was an unfathomable encounter.”

(on how significant is the success) “It implies a great deal really, simply realizing that I enjoy the benefit of beating New Orleans. I return home after the season and (can) talk a little junk. That is great. I know my family, they all adore the Holy people. It’s great for me to return home and focus on it their face a tad.”

Bengals Cornerback Eli Apple

(on getting success in his re-visitation to New Orleans) “Any time you dominate a football match in the association, it’s great. It’s an extraordinary inclination.”

(on if this is satisfying, given his experience with the Holy people) “A success is a success, child. We need to continue onward.” (on Ja’Marr Pursue’s last score) “That is the reason he’s awesome. Pursue the catch (is his forte). No one can play with him after the catch. (He) was challenged. He had an extraordinary… run. That inclination, as well (was extraordinary). (We) got to push that along, as well.”

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