Yellowstone is returning on Sunday, November 13, however it won’t be the typical 10-episode run fans have generally expected. The Paramount Network series is back for a drawn out Season 5, with 14 episodes to appreciate.

The cast and co-maker Taylor Sheridan talked with Entertainment Tonight about the new season, and Sheridan offered an especially fascinating expression, uncovering, “in the event that you view at everybody as a chess piece in Season 5, it is difficult to continue playing the game without taking chess pieces off the board.”

This implies somebody significant is probably going to see their last episode in Season 5. Toward the finish of Season 3, the crowd was passed on to ponder who endure the designated hit on the Duttons — however as Season 4 uncovered, every one of our top picks marvelously lived. Sheridan realizes crowds wouldn’t acknowledge such a move a second time around. However much it damages to express farewell to fundamental characters, a show with this much slaughter should ultimately make up for lost time to its principal characters. The series debut opened with the passing of a Dutton, however the remainder of the family has stayed upstanding through numerous sicknesses and endeavors on their lives.

Cole Hauser, who plays Rip, referred to the initial two episodes of the new season as “fabulous,” and Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth, said, “the issue is how would we top it consistently, correct? The wildness is authentically increase.” Meanwhile, Kevin Costner (who plays Dutton patriarch John) brought up, “You need to somewhat keep your foot on the gas. In the event that it doesn’t shock you then, at that point, it’s far-fetched that it will amaze a group of people.” (It was likewise uncovered that Costner is the most generously compensated entertainer on TV, apparently making $1.3 million for every episode.)

Furthermore, when inquired as to whether he could see his embraced child Jamie (played by Wes Bentley) falling into great graces with his personality this season, Costner noticed that such warmth wouldn’t work for this series: “Likely the show would end. My useless family truly upsets me.” Plus, Beth did simply give John the ammo he wants against Jamie. In the Season 4 finale, she snapped a photograph of him discarding his organic dad’s body (after basically placing the weapon in his grasp to shoot him).

With these prods, as well as the statement in the main trailer for the new season, we anticipate a few major disclosures and changes in those early episodes.

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