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In a moment exemplary for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, Roman Reigns outlived Drew McIntyre on Saturday before more than 60,000 at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

“The Tribal Chief” required three lances, two Superman Punches, two guillotines and, surprisingly, the assistance of another individual from The Bloodline, Solo Sikoa, who mediated late in the match to help Roman secure the success.

Sikoa, who performs on NXT, is the more youthful sibling of Reigns’ cousins, the tag-group champion Usos. The Usos weren’t close by for WWE’s most memorable arena show in the U.K. since SummerSlam ’92, nor was Paul Heyman, however Sikoa appeared to go after McIntyre, who was endeavoring to end Roman’s two-year run as champion with a third Claymore.

The impedance assisted Reigns with associating with a third lance to deny McIntyre, who hails from Scotland, the opportunity to come out on top for the championships before his old neighborhood fans.

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury supported McIntyre and drove the group in a version of his brand name front of “American Pie.” But that wasn’t in support of “The Gypsy King.”

With Reigns and McIntyre debilitated after a Claymore took out Roman and the official, Austin Theory ran to the ring to trade his Money out the Bank folder case. Before a subsequent ref could ring the chime, Fury associated with a major right hand that left Theory took out in a store.

Other than Sikoa and Fury, Karrion Kross likewise spread the word about his presence from the get-go in the match after he threw a water bottle at McIntyre. “The Scottish Warrior” was in charge, however the interruption permitted Reigns to get the high ground after he ran McIntyre into the turnbuckle post, which prompted a nine count. They alternated, to and fro, endeavoring a suplex before Roman at last dropped McIntyre with a progression of strikes. Rules then, at that point, told the group to “Recognize Me” before McIntyre associated with the first of numerous Glasgow Kisses.

The huge men exchanged punches before McIntyre conveyed a couple of paunch to-tummy suplexes followed by a neck breaker. A spinebuster and a folding blade cover prompted a two count before Roman raged back.

He hit McIntyre with a Uranage however Drew answered with the Future Shock DDT. A Claymore endeavor was replied with a Superman Punch, and Roman went for the lance however Drew countered with a kick to the face.

Roman hit the lance in any case for the primary close fall of the match. Unfit to get the pinfall, Reigns went for an accommodation with the guillotine, yet McIntyre got away from by driving Roman into the turnbuckle. A subsequent guillotine was secured, yet McIntyre sent Reigns to the external this time. That is the point at which the situation spun out of control. McIntyre sent Reigns through the blockade with his very own lance, trailed by a Claymore endeavor inside the ring, however Roman answered with a subsequent lance. Once more, McIntyre threw out, stirring the stunned group into a craze. Roman lost his concentration and contended with the ref in regards to the count, permitting McIntyre to underwrite with the Claymore that took them full scale. Rules endeavored a seat shot with the official took out, yet McIntyre associated on a subsequent Claymore. After Roman threw out, they traded punches once more, and Roman snuck in a Superman Punch, however McIntyre terminated back with a Glasgow Kiss and another lance. A subsequent Claymore associated, as well, and it seemed McIntyre was ready to wrest the two belts from Roman before the top dog’s cousin meddled.

What’s next for Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre? We continue to ask who can oust Reigns, and everything focuses to the conceivable return of Cody Rhodes, and in the event that not Rhodes, whoever wins the Royal Rumble in January. The expansion of Solo Sikoa to The Bloodline helps set up a few open doors, specifically the gradual process of Sami Zayn’s “privileged” status being denied and Solo’s legitimate climb, giving a Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn versus Usos label quarrel.

Concerning Drew McIntyre, where precisely does he go? He’s as yet the greatest face not named Cody Rhodes at the present time, however he can go at Reigns again at Extreme Rules given their awe-inspiring match in Cardiff. Yet again of course, he actually disapproves of Karrion Kross to settle after Kross interposed during Saturday’s championship.

Conflict at the Castle results

Seth Rollins def. Matt Riddle
In a fabulous match that satisfied everyone’s expectations, Seth “Cracking'” Rollins crushed Matt Riddle with a couple of Stomps, the last finisher conveyed from the subsequent rope.

They kept a frantic speed all through, following a development that felt individual. During the match, Rollins referred to Riddle’s genuine separation, saying, “For this reason she left you, these individuals know it and your children know it. That is no joke.”

The remark set off Riddle, who permitted his feelings to get the better of him. He endeavored a seat shot with Rollins on the declare table yet missed, prompting the sets of steps that finished issues.

The disregard wasn’t held back to simply comments, as Rollins took two of Riddle’s moves: the Bro Derek, and his accomplice Randy Orton’s hanging DDT. Rollins endeavored a RKO, however Riddle switched the move into a back bare gag.

Rollins started off the activity with a Barricade Bomb and later a self destruction jump. He endeavored a modified superplex however agreed to a two-footed step with Riddle in the Tree of Woe.

“The Visionary” later associated with a superplex and moved through for the Falcon Arrow, however Riddle countered with the Fisherman’s Buster and afterward a Floating Bro to the outside.

A family endeavor was switched as Riddle hit the Bro to Sleep. Question later conveyed a deadlift German Suplex and endeavored the Bro Derek, yet this time, Rollins nailed the Pedigree.

What’s next for Seth Rollins? This fight will most likely continue with a rematch at Extreme Rules one month from now, where Riddle will hope to get payback. The exceptionally private program between two of the best laborers on the list is simply getting everything rolling.

Edge and Rey Mysterio def. The Judgment Day
Edge and Rey Mysterio rejoined to overcome The Judgment Day, yet the genuine story was Dominik Mysterio’s heel turn that has been prodded for quite a long time. After Rey Mysterio associated with a 619 on Finn Balor, trailed by a lance from Edge for the three-count, the group celebrated before Dominik hit Edge with a cheap shot kick alongside a clothesline to his dad.

Just minutes sooner, Dominik helped his dad and Edge from an external perspective. He diverted the official as Finn Balor endeavored to complete issues with a Coup De Grace on Edge, permitting Rey to interface with a hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle.

Then, Dominik got Balor’s boot as he endeavored a plancha to the outside. Rhea Ripley at last mediated to proceed with her weeks long assault on Dominik, just for Rey to split it up with a self destruction plunge.

Different features incorporated an Edge self destruction stick on Damien Priest to the outside and a 619 endeavor from “The Rated R Superstar” on Balor that didn’t exactly go as expected.

Presently, it seems Dominik has joined The Judgment Day to add another layer to the quarrel.

What’s next for Edge and The Mysterios? Whether it’s a solitary match or Edge stays included, the program will continue with Dominik Mysterio on the contrary side of his dad interestingly. Edge has been quarreling with The Judgment Day for quite a long time, so he could utilize something new while the center goes to the Mysterios.

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