• September 3, 2022
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The prior night Masi and his dad were set to leave Afghanistan, the 16-year-old couldn’t rest. The last time he had gone to the air terminal, his life had been broken, his family destroyed.

“I didn’t have the foggiest idea how to go to the air terminal once more,” Masi said. “It was difficult for me.”

At the point when he and his dad, Ahmad Wali Stanekzai, showed up at Kabul International Airport in April, they were overwhelmed with terrible recollections of eight months prior, when the entire family had joined the groups in a frantic endeavor to pass on Afghanistan after the capital tumbled to the Taliban.

Then, at that point, there was the blast – an ISIS-K self destruction assault. The family was isolated in the bedlam. His mom was killed; he and his dad were isolated from his more youthful two kin, who were harmed.

Presently, over four months subsequent to showing up in Qatar from Afghanistan, and over a year after that dangerous assault, the family actually isn’t back together.

“I feel so steamed when I recall how we isolated and lost our mother,” Masi said.

“I have encountered the most horrendously terrible injury as a youngster,” “I really want my opportunity. I need to rejoin with my siblings. I need to reside in my home with the remainder of my loved ones.”

The remainder of his family is living in Virginia. His kin – 14-year-old Faisal and 8-year-old Mina – ultimately made it into their auntie Ferishta Stanekzai’s consideration subsequent to being isolated from their folks in the impact last August. Mina and Faisal, alongside a neighbor, made it into the air terminal and onto a plane to Germany, where they were treated for their wounds at Landstuhl emergency clinic prior to coming to the US, where they likewise got therapy at Walter Reed clinical focus beyond Washington, DC.

The previous year, and last month specifically, have been challenging for the family in Virginia, Ferishta said.

Both of the youngsters are as yet dealing with the injury they encountered. Mina routinely has bad dreams, mad outbursts, and has on occasion asked to go to Qatar to accompany her dad and sibling, her auntie.

“Some of the time she’s posing a ton of inquiries about her mother – why she was killed and why no one aided her,” Ferishta said.

It has been trying for Ferishta, as well, as she really focuses on her nephew and niece, manages both their guardianship case and her sibling and other nephew’s case, and furthermore works at her ordinary work.

“Dealing with this all, everything turns out to be so difficult for myself and step by step it gets so hard making due,” she said.

“Like for the time being I become a single parent without knowing, similar to, how to select the children into schools. Everything resembled another experience for me,” Ferishta added.

Mina, who is in 3rd grade, she loves school. Her number one subject is actual schooling. She appreciates “hopping and running,” and the specialist told her that her leg – which was harmed in the assault in Kabul – is OK, yet at times it harms, she said.

The relatives talk consistently. Mina tells her more seasoned sibling and father that she cherishes them. Masi will catch wind of their school. He said it satisfies him to see them in their school garbs.

“I truly want to believe that I likewise can wear a school uniform soon,” Masi told CNN.

Ferishta said she needs to see the US government work quicker to deal with cases, and that she and her family have not found clear solutions about why her sibling and nephew have not yet had the option to come to the United States. She and resigned Air Force Lt. Gen. John Bradley, who runs the Lamia Afghan Foundation and has been working with the family, both told CNN that Ahmad Wali and Masi have finished up structures and had meetings and clinical tests.

“They’ve recently been let be and never given a lot of data,” Bradley said.

“The family should be back together. Not a solitary one of us would believe that it’s suitable to keep individuals separated for a year, from guardians when they’re small kids,” Bradley said.

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