• September 29, 2022
  • Adil Shahzad
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A bunch of recently opened pickleball courts at Surrey’s Sickle Park have proactively been harmed.

As per the City of Surrey’s branch of parks, entertainment and culture, the courts were vandalized throughout the few days of Sept. 17-18 – only two days after an authority strip slicing function was held to stamp their opening.

Fix work – to fix “black-top, nets, walls and different designs at the new courts” – is in progress, and is supposed to be finished before very long, the city said. The expense of the harm is as yet being evaluated.

One South Surrey occupant, whose spouse is an energetic pickleball player, alluded to the defacing as “a designated assault” on the game, taking note of that other close by conveniences in Sickle Park, for example, the nearby games fields and tennis courts “haven’t been contacted.”

The structure of pickleball courts in Sickle Park has been something of a disagreeable issue; Harmony Curve News has gotten various letters to the manager as of late with respect to the area of the courts, as well as grievances about the commotion the game – and its competitors – make.

Comparative clamor objections have hounded pickleball players and associations in different urban areas, including Victoria recently.

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