Luke Evans guaranteed fans Thursday that the Gaston and LeFou prequel to “Excellence and the Monster” is as yet occurring and that it just has been postponed.

“It’s been required to be postponed. We just want to ensure that it is totally all that it tends to be, and on the off chance that that implies we simply need to stand by somewhat longer to artfulness certain bits of it, then that is the thing we will do in light of the fact that this is a vital heritage,” the “Pinocchio” entertainer told Diversion Week by week.

“We need to respect these characters with the best story we might conceivably convey. It’s simply waiting,” Evans, 43, added. “It will work out. We’re extremely amped up for it. Eventually soon, it will work out.”

The prequel would tell the story of how LeFou and Gaston became companions.

Both Josh Stray, 41, and Evans will repeat their jobs as LeFou and Gaston — the two entertainers featured in the Emma Watson-drove 2017 surprisingly realistic film.

“To explore an account of those two individuals and furthermore new characters, and afterward bring them straight up to the second where you meet them in the film has been an undeniably exhilarating encounter,” Evans said.

Stray made sense of that one of the significant purposes behind the consistent postponement was the monetary expense of the show.

“While you’re accomplishing something as large and as aggressive as a ‘Stunner and the Monster’ prequel, and you’re getting to play with the royal gems, it will be a costly endeavor,” Stray said in a meeting with Collider.

“There are ways that we can recount this story and satisfy the commitment of what it tends to be, yet additionally do it in a way that won’t burn through every last cent.”

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