Kourtney Kardashian as of late shared a couple photographs from the arrangement of a photoshoot for Let me, her enhancement and nutrient brand. One, specifically, drove some to conjecture in the event that she may be pregnant once more.

Indeed, Kardashian answered and shut down the tales.

The post being referred to showed Kardashian with glitz hair and cosmetics wearing a bare hued clothing set for the shoot.

She inscribed the photos, “a little bts from my @lemme crusade shoot.”

While the vast majority commended Kardashian for her looks and flaunting “genuine bodies,” one individual remarked, “Stand by a moment did I miss that she’s pregnant.”

Others composed comparable reactions, contemplating whether Kardashian may be pregnant once more, however she chose to applaud back to this remark in the wittiest manner conceivable.

“no, yet you’re feeling the loss of a lady’s body,” she brazenly answered.

Some tracked down Kardashian’s reaction sincere and engaging, composing things like, “love the bends. Helps me have a positive outlook on mine,” and “kill Sovereign.”

Be that as it may, others noted it very well may be a sensible inquiry, as one picture in the post appeared to some to propose a pregnancy.

The fourth picture Kardashian transferred at first seems to be the others, with the 43-year-old presenting before the camera on set, yet her hand situation immediately started a discussion.

In the picture, Kardashian has one hand spread over her lower stomach, a represent that is regularly seen with pregnant big names on red rugs or with pregnant individuals in daily existence.

Accordingly, a few fans shielded the individual who at first conjectured that the 43-year-old could be pregnant.

“I thought she was pregnant not from her body she looks perfect, but rather the manner in which she was holding her tummy tossed alerts,” one conceded.

In the principal time of the family’s new unscripted TV drama, The Kardashians, which turned out in mid 2022, Kardashian focused on how she and her new spouse, Travis Barker, need to have a kid together. She additionally called attention to how general society as often as possible inquiries in the event that she’s pregnant exclusively founded on her body type-as individuals might’ve finished with her new Instagram post.

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