• September 22, 2022
  • Adil Shahzad
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LAS VEGAS — Raul Rosas Jr. swaggered into the Octagon inside the Summit for a bantamweight battle Tuesday against Mando Gutierrez like he generally had a place on a major stage.

He was set in opposition to a grappler — somebody expected to give a harsh test should the match at any point go to the mat.

Rosas succeeded on the ground, certainly beat Gutierrez via a three-round choice, and even did as such while utilizing a crate of fools that included tricking his rival into thinking he was sending off into a flying knee prior to shooting a takedown.

Raul Rosas Jr. is ‘unique,’ as per UFC manager Dana White…

It was just the 6th master battle of Rosas’ blossoming profession, yet what made the exhibition significantly more noteworthy was that the Mexican competitor is just 17 years of age.

He’s, by a wide margin, the most youthful competitor to contend on Competitor Series and, subsequent to scoring a UFC bargain on the spot, he presently breaks the record as the most youthful warrior ever available driving MMA advancement’s program.

UFC manager Dana White unequivocally communicated how dazzled he was, let columnists know that what Rosas did midweek was “unique.”

There was theory on press line that White may not give Rosas an agreement since he’s so youthful, and would prefer to sign him to a formative arrangement all things being equal.

For Rosas, however, it was never in uncertainty.

“I realized he planned to give me that agreement, if not I wouldn’t be here,” Rosas said after the battle, with the certainty of youth. “I’m 17, and I’m 6-0.”

Rosas said he hasn’t yet shown White what he can do, and would contend on Saturday assuming that there was one more occasion booked at the Summit. “I’m simply all set out there and get the kill,” he said.

‘I will end up being the most youthful UFC champion’…

Rosas referred to his style as “all gas, no breaks” and said he’d rest when he resigns. “At the point when I’m old,” he said.

He then said he’s just barely getting everything rolling and has his eyes on establishing another standard, by bringing home the championship rapidly.

“I realize it will not be simple, nothing is simple in this life, however I will end up being the most youthful UFC champion,” he said.

“In the event that I could battle a main five in my UFC debut, I would, however I need to move gradually up there, and I will be up there soon. I will end up being the most youthful UFC champion when I’m like 19, 20, 21. It doesn’t make any difference.”

White was floored by the youth’s exhibition…

At the point when White held a media cluster after the series of battles, he said he was floored by what he saw.

“After what I recently saw, this youngster’s prepared to battle in the UFC,” White said.
Talking explicitly about what he delighted in about Rosas, White recorded the teen’s action and added: “He’s not one of these folks that is a jiu-jitsu fellow that simply lays around and makes no difference either way. He’s continuously going for something, how smooth he is, the way he takes the back.

“At the point when you get him covered, how he can get out. Simply all that youngster did this evening dazzled me, and particularly his cardio. There was never an adrenaline dump, where he seemed worse for wear at a certain point. There was never a break in the battle with one or the other person.”

That’s what white let Insider know, to get a counterpart for Rosas, Competitor Series staff needed to get unique consent from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

However he didn’t address the contender’s folks by and by, White said they would have likely needed to sign a waiver.

“That was some significant level poop,” White said.
At the point when Insider found out if he found himself more defensive of Rosas in view of how much more youthful he is contrasted with different warriors, White said the genuine inquiry is whether he could contend at the Competitor Series.

“We carried him into the Competitor Series. He battled a person whose record is near his, and the main contrast between the two was age,” said White.

“You saw during the battle they were all around coordinated,” the UFC manager added. “That was as great matchmaking as you’ll at any point see.”

Rosas turns 18 in October.

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