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It has been over three a long time on the grounds that Gregory McDonald’s Fletch headlined a feature film (inside the pretty awful “Fletch Lives,” the most effective Chevy Chase-led sequel to the loved “Fletch”). It’s not for lack of trying. Kevin Smith notoriously came this near getting a “Fletch” reboot off the floor along with his BFF Jason Lee within the name position, and the celebrity of “Chasing Amy” appeared to have just the right quantity of sly appeal to step into Chevy Chase’s footwear. It didn’t show up, and the venture went returned into limbo until this week whilst “Confess, Fletch” will hit theaters with a dull thud.

There’s some thing so dispiriting approximately seeing talented humans drowning in a comedy which can’t locate the rhythm of its very own jokes. This variation of the McDonald novel with the aid of director Greg Mottola and co-author Zev Borow absolutely struggles to locate its punchlines too regularly, getting the occasional first-class snort but lacking the constant character of the original. Worst of all, a main guy who has proven he can try this type of comedy before appears stranded by means of a director who in no way discovered this individual in either dramatic or comedic phrases. In relation to the thriller, he goes so cavalier that he nearly feels apathetic, and the jokes are either over-played (a few punchlines appear literally yelled) or under-performed to the point of disappearance. It begins to sense more like a contractual duty than the ardour assignment it’d have been with Smith. Confess, filmmakers, you didn’t really want to make this film.

Jon Hamm performs Irwin M. Fletcher, a former journalist who opens the movie in a dating with a woman named Angela (Lorenza Izzo), who is in a bit of family drama related to a woman recognized simplest as the Countess (Marcia gay Harden) and a lacking artwork collection. At the same time as staying in Boston to analyze the state of affairs, Fletch discovers a lifeless body in his home, leading law enforcement officials into their very own research—performed through Roy wood Jr. And Ayden Mayeri (who has perhaps the most always funny comedic timing with Hamm)—that centers Fletch because the suspect within the murder. Fletch has to clear his personal name, find the lacking art, and get up to some silly comedy hijinks along the way, inclusive of coping with an unstable neighbor performed with the aid of Annie Mumolo and reuniting with the singular John Slattery for a film-stealing scene in a newsroom.

None of it provides as much as lots in phrases of plot, despite the fact that that’s now not too unusual for this franchise. The mystery/investigation factor is simply the skeleton on which to hang the comedy, however it would were best if the movie felt adore it had even the maximum modest of stakes. It feels like absolutely everyone worried in “Confess, Fletch” mistakenly followed a lackadaisical tone that they suppose defines this man or woman. It’s a laugh to look at a person like Fletch escape warm water, but it’s never even lukewarm right here, and so every time that the film gets returned to its plotting, it just sags like a terrible episode of a cable television mystery-of-the-week display.

The comedy makes out just a piece better. Hamm stumbles thru maximum of the film, never getting the proper tone for Fletch, however he has a few playful moments with different performers that work, scenes in which he permits a performer like Slattery or Harden to shine. The truth is that Hamm is a higher directly man than comedy centerpiece, and he gets way greater out of a startled appearance than most of the flat shaggy dog story writing in the film. It’s now not actually his fault that Mottola directs him so unevenly, letting Fletch himself to vanish into the history of his personal movie. Of route, that’s a part of the design of this person—one who glides via investigations because the chaos erupts round him—but that’s more difficult to play than it appears.

And it doesn’t help that the assisting group isn’t pretty exciting enough to offset the tasteless middle. They’re frequently pitched as cartoonish, which doesn’t permit Hamm some thing to do comedically. Fletch is the type of individual who pulls apart the flaws of the snobby elite round him however characters like Harden’s and Mumolo’s are so broad that they do all of the paintings for him, leaving him stranded and looking bored.

It took over 30 years for Hollywood to make some other Fletch film. It might be every other 30 earlier than they are attempting again.

Showtime on October 28th.

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