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THE Main Woman: Hi! Goodbye. Much thanks to you, Athen. It’s chiefs like you, those aiding the cutting edge live really and get comfortable with themselves, who make me so confident about our future.

What’s more, thank you to Paul Buccieri and A&E — (adulation) — for assisting us with assembling this occasion.

Isn’t this staggering? (Adulation.)

First Woman Laura Shrubbery is with us this evening. (Adulation.) And, Laura, it’s such a distinction to invite you and your family back to the White House.

Lastly, I need to get out whatever a delight it is to be here with the one who has propelled, upheld, and cherished Sir Elton John for such countless years: his significant other, David. (Commendation.)

Hardly any things have the ability to unite us like music. It can force us to move as one on the dance floor, to chime in with outsiders when we hear that old song. It’s a voice for the sentiments we can’t necessarily in all cases characterize.

At the point when the piano plays, the strings grow, the drums thump in time with our souls, we find euphoria or an ointment for our distresses or the harmonies that let us know we are in good company.

Furthermore, in that soul, as we observe Elton John’s music, we additionally celebrate you — regular history-creators.

A considerable lot of you are my partners — individual educators, as Leah Michael Dillard. (Acclaim.) Love the instructors! Thus, Leah has instructed seventh grade English for a very long time. Furthermore, Leah, your understudies are better scholars and more connected with residents as a result of you. (Acclaim.)

We additionally have specialists on call and medical services legends like — (acclaim) — like Dr. Golden Pearson. Golden was the main individual in her family to set off for college. What’s more, it was difficult. She maintained numerous sources of income, took out credit, and when she at last contacted her fantasy, she rewarded others, as an audiologist for veterans and their families, serving the ladies and men who serve us so well. (Acclaim.)

What’s more, in this group are heads of the delightful, striking, and various future we are constructing together, as Javier Gomez, an understudy from Miami. At the point when his lead representative passed a regulation focusing on the LGBTQ people group, he didn’t sit back.

Javier, you help us to remember the force of one individual who will support what is correct, and that is what’s really going on with this evening. (Acclaim.) Meeting up, utilizing our voices, praising that, here in America, our disparities are valuable and our similitudes boundless.

Crowd Part: Indeed, (imperceptible).

THE Main Woman: (Snickers.) Elton once said, “Music has mending power. It can remove individuals from themselves for only a couple of hours.”

We’re here this evening to indeed lose ourselves and be united — maybe even mended — by the force of music. (Acclaim.)

What’s more, presently, I get to present another colossal fan, who likewise is the Leader of the US and my significant other, Joe Biden. (Commendation.)

THE PRESIDENT: You needed to represent Jill, however you can sit for me. (Giggling.) If it’s not too much trouble, all pull up a chair. If it’s not too much trouble, sit down.

Much obliged to you, Jill. Much obliged to you for being here — (praise) — on such an extraordinary night.

What’s more, Athen, pioneers like you are assisting the cutting edge with living a legitimate voice. What’s more, I need to thank you kindly for presenting me.

See, I — as my partners — large numbers of whom from the Senate are still here, came this evening — they generally used to mess with me since I — I was citing Irish writers on the floor of the Senate.

The figure I did it since I’m Irish. That is not the explanation; I did it since they’re the best artists on the planet. (Giggling and acclaim.)

One who we lost in the relatively recent past, Seamus Heaney, once composed, and I quote, “Once in a blue moon, the yearned for tsunami of equity ascends, and trust and history rhyme.”

All through this incre-— his mind blowing vocation, Sir Elton John has been that tsunami — a tsunami to assist with peopling ascend and make trust and history rhyme. 300,000,000 records sold. (Adulation.) 71 bulletin hits, almost half in the main ten. Six Grammy Grants. Two Oscars. One Tony, among the different, various assignments in all cases. 4,000 exhibitions all over the planet. A vocalist, musician within recent memory, forever.

On his last visit in Washington, Jill and I welcomed Elton to the White House to say thanks to him for the American public.

Thus, as such countless Americans, our family cherishes his music. His melodies take us — return us to a period, a spot, a memory. Tunes that make consistently uncommon, help us interface and wake up. Furthermore, tunes that mirror the craftsman’s gift, that intuition to envision what no other person can, and afterward sing and play and dream until he liberates that inclination.

As Jill recently referenced, we’re joined by such countless individuals that it’s — he’s liberated to act naturally, to be treated with the poise and regard they merit. (Adulation.)

Families and backers in the battle against HIV/Helps — (praise) — a battle — a battle that he has driven with sheer will, and battle for those carries on with lost and those lives that we can save.

Pioneers defending uniformity, all things considered, regardless of what your identity is or who you love.

Consistently — (acclaim) — consistently Americans of each and every age, of each and every foundation who realize that life can be horrible and loaded with battle, yet it can likewise be blissful and reason.

What’s more, we’re joined this evening by the UK Envoy to the US, Karen Penetrate, during a troublesome time. (Acclaim.) Karen, where could you be? Karen, much obliged. Much thanks to you for being here, Karen.

Jill and I ventured out to London to offer our appreciation to the Regal Family on the Sovereign’s passing.

Our expectations this evening — our expectation is that Sir Elton John’s music recuperates the distress, as it frequently has before.

All through his profession, Elton got comfortable with himself — his voice, yet his voice to help other people and assist them with getting comfortable with themselves.

With his expectation, he left a mark on the world rhyme for endless individuals in our country. That is what’s really going on with this evening.

Elton frequently discussed how American music completely changed him and what the various classifications and sounds meant for his own music and creative mind. It’s reasonable Elton John’s music has transformed us.

To David and the young men, thank you for imparting your better half and father to us this evening. (Acclaim.) And to Elton, for the American public, thank you — and I genuinely mean this — thank you for moving the spirit of our country. (Acclaim.)

Fine people, on the off chance that my mother were here, she’d say, “God favor you child. We should hear your music.” Much obliged. (Praise.)

(The occasion starts.)

(The occasion closes.)

THE PRESIDENT: Indeed, this evening it’s my amazing privilege — and I mean this truly — to introduce the Public Humanities Decoration to Sir Elton John. (Praise.)

Significant Yang, kindly read the reference.

MILITARY Associate: Respected, sir.

Goodbye, everybody. The Leader of the US grants this Public Humanities Decoration to Sir Elton John for moving our spirits with his strong voice in one of the characterizing songbooks ever. A getting through symbol and backer with totally boldness, who tracked down reason to challenge show, break shame, and advance the basic truth that everybody should be treated with pride and regard. (Praise.)

(President Biden presents the Public Humanities Award to Sir Elton John.)

THE PRESIDENT: I think we amazed him.

SIR ELTON JOHN: I just told the Main Woman: I’m rarely astounded, however I’m confounded — (giggling) — and lowered and regarded by this mind boggling grant from the US of America. I will prize this so much — (commendation) — and it will put forth me twofold my attempts to ensure this sickness disappears.

Your consideration — America’s graciousness to me as a performer is top notch. In any case, in the conflict against Helps and HIV, it’s significantly greater. What’s more, I can’t thank you enough. I’m, as a matter of fact — I’m truly close to home about this. (Commendation.) And much obliged. (Commendation.)

THE PRESIDENT: And, coincidentally, all his shortcoming we’re burning through $6 billion in citizen cash this month to help Helps — battle HIV/Helps. (Commendation.)

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