Shamed Hollywood star Armie Hammer is being researched by an investigator “uncommonly relegated” to investigate claims he assaulted an ex-sweetheart, Page Six can uncover.

The movie producers behind the new sensation narrative “Place of Hammer” — about Armie and his family’s dull history — said they had been informed the LAPD is as yet researching the entertainer over claims he attacked an ex called Effie.

Effie, whose last name has not been disclosed, guaranteed that the “Call out to Me By You” star “fiercely assaulted” her over a painful, four-hour time frame in Los Angeles in April 2017, saying: “I believed that he planned to kill me.”

Hammer, 36, has so far not been accused of any wrongdoing, yet Greg Risling, a representative for the LA County District Attorney’s Office, told Page Six: “An exceptionally relegated investigator is working with policing they proceed with their examination.

“When policing finished their examination and presents the case to our office we will direct an assessment and record criminal allegations that are upheld by the proof.”

Through his attorney, Hammer denied the claims.

“We couldn’t say whether [Hammer] will or will not be considered responsible,” “Place of Hammer” co-chief Elli Hakami told Page Six.

The docuseries debuts Friday on Discovery+.

In the mean time, the entertainer’s auntie, Casey Hammer, 61, who takes a stand in opposition to her family in the doc, told Page Six: “Armie has left a path of casualties from quite a while ago and individuals need assistance to assist them with moving past. I need to assist with building a local area and let them have a solid sense of reassurance.

“In my family, there was multi-generational maltreatment and they need to quit pulling off it. Since you have cash, honor and power doesn’t mean you can’t be considered responsible for what you’ve done.”

Casey discusses her own maltreatment in the series and let us know how she even involved a made-up name in her 30s following the passing of her granddad, oil magnate Armand Hammer, so as not to be related with the family.

She involved the name for a long time until her mom, Glenna, was determined to have malignant growth. “I had a second where I thought, ‘I will reclaim Casey Hammer.’ It’s currently my decision. This time I’m pleased with the name and expecting to change the standing.

“In the event that I can help other people by recounting my story and influencing one individual, it will all have been worth the effort,” Casey added.

The last time she saw Armie and his dad, Michael, who is her sibling, was at her mom’s deathbed quite a while back in Seattle, Wash. “It’s best that not even one of us get in touch with one another,” she told Page Six.

Inquired as to whether she could at any point talk with Armie, Casey, who lives in Los Angeles and composes youngsters’ books, said: “Frankly, I would like to contact his [alleged] casualties.”

Effie, in the mean time, who is accepted to be in her 20s and from Europe, is being addressed by lawyer Gloria Allred. It’s accepted she initially made the allegations against Armie through her @HouseOfEffie Twitter account

At the point when she stood up in March 2021, Effie said she’d had a relationship with Hammer that was in some cases vicious and oppressive somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2020, after they met on Facebook.

During the April 2017 occurrence, Effie claimed that Hammer “more than once slapped my head against a wall, swelling my face” and fended her from running off.

Effie is only one of various ladies who made allegations of maltreatment against the star, with a few posting messages of savage sexual symbolism and inhuman dreams Armie supposedly sent them.

In “Place of Hammer,” claimed casualty Courtney Vucekovich tells how Armie supposedly exposed her to a “debasing” sexual demonstration and bound her up in ropes on another event, leaving her in tears.

Hammer has been disregarded by Hollywood. His organization WME dropped him and he has not played any new parts since the claims broke

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