• August 24, 2022
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ASHINGTON — The previous superintendent of a California ladies’ jail, who is as of now having to deal with government penalties claiming he physically mishandled detainees and constrained them to present bare for him, was accused Tuesday of physically manhandling two other female detainees, the Justice Department said.

Beam Garcia, 55, was the superintendent at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California. An Associated Press examination uncovered a culture of misuse and smoke screens that had continued for a really long time at the jail, a ladies just office called the “assault club” by numerous who know it.

The Justice Department reported an overriding prosecution against Garcia on Tuesday accusing him of a sum of seven counts of physically harmful direct including three female casualties who were carrying out jail punishments at the bureaucratic jail in Dublin, California, and one count of offering misleading expressions to government specialists.

The previous superintendent, captured last September, is blamed for attacking a detainee as she attempted to drive him away. Garcia made her and another detainee strip bare as he did adjusts and took pictures that were found on his own PC official cell when the FBI struck his office and home the previous summer, examiners said. The maltreatment occurred on numerous events from December 2019 to March 2020 and finished when the pandemic detonated and ladies were secured in their cells, the Justice Department has said.

“In the event that they’re stripping down, I’ve previously looked,” Garcia, 54, told the FBI in July 2021, as per court records. “I don’t, similar to, plan a period like ‘you be stripped down, and I’ll be there.'”

Garcia, who resigned a month after his capture, is likewise blamed for utilizing his power to threaten one of his casualties, telling her that he was “dear companions” with the individual liable for exploring staff wrongdoing and flaunting that he was unable to be terminated, investigators said.

Garcia argued not liable to the underlying charges against him, and his attorney has declined the AP’s rehashed demands for a meeting. A message looking for input was left with Garcia’s legal counselor on Tuesday.

The new arraignment likewise claims that Garcia physically manhandled two other female prisoners between March 2020 and July 2021. The Justice Departments claims Garcia contacted the three ladies “in a sexual way” and that he had “requested that numerous prisoners strip down for him at a particular time.”

The prosecution charges that he physically manhandled one of the ladies in a jail washroom close to an appearance room and in jail stockroom. Examiners say Garcia constrained one more lady to contact his private parts in the pantry and got the third lady’s rear end in the jail’s electrical shop.

The prosecution likewise charges that Garcia misled government specialists who inquired as to whether he had at any point requested that prisoners strip down for him or had improperly contacted a female detainee.

Four other Dublin laborers have been accused of sexual maltreatment of detainees since June 2021. Others incorporate a food administration foreman and a jail pastor. Two of the captured laborers have confessed. One is planned to be condemned one week from now.

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