• August 27, 2022
  • Adil Shahzad
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An Australian lady got captured on her 100th birthday celebration to make her little glimpse of heaven, as per The Victoria Police.

Jean Bicketon generally needed to get captured. On her 100th birthday celebration, it was at last checked off her list of must-dos.

The Victoria Police satisfied her desire and dropped in on her birthday celebration to capture her. They put counterfeit binds on her and wheeled her out of the scene.

ean went through a large portion of her time on earth filling in as a military medical caretaker and never got the opportunity to have a disagreement with the law, revealed Daily Mail. She was never tipsy driving or lost her driver’s permit.

The police division distributed a Facebook post with their prisoner where she was seen grinning.

“Presently these somewhat captures, we’re glad to make,” the subtitle said.

The police said that when they figured out it was on Jean’s list of must-dos to be captured, they chose to “step in and assist with confirming it”.

To ensure her desires were met, three constables were engaged with the matter with appropriate lights and alarms.

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