After streak floods because of strangely weighty downpours devastate to a few regions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Nowshera and Swat, rising waters have entered Punjab.

There is a grave gamble of flooding in Mianwali where specialists are looking to empty occupants securely.

The water level in the Indus River close to Rajanpur is on the ascent and there is a gamble the generally immersed town might experience another flood.

Besides, because of a flood in Chenab River, the lacking areas of Liaquatpur have been lowered.

Over in KP’s Charsadda, more rising water has gone into many houses.

The Jinnah Barrage based on Indus River will probably observe a weighty water stream of 700,000 cusecs which might influence 47 regions.

Incharge Zameer Kazim at the Jinnah Barrage in Kalabagh said early morning that the progression of water into the torrent at present stands at 427,000 cusecs, while the outpouring has been recorded at 424,000 cusecs.

Jinnah Barrage’s absolute ability to hold water is 950,000 cusecs, he said.

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