Damiano David’s butt less chaps were pretty much all TV watchers saw of Måneskin’s “Supermodel” execution at the MTV VMAs 2022 Sunday night after a closet breakdown.

Only a couple of moments into their presentation, the organization remove to a visual of void seats for around 40 seconds after their bassist top seemed to tumble off, making her bosom be completely uncovered.

As indicated by photographs, Victoria De Angelis had moved to the front of the stage as a horde of artists encompassed the band.

Nonetheless, as everybody bounced and moved, her top pooled around her midriff, totally uncovering her.

But, since the show should go on, the 22-year-old just continued to play the bass, which made the cameras get some distance from the band.

Fans, who had no information on the closet breakdown, quickly went to Twitter to communicate disarray — and dissatisfaction — with MTV’s imaginative choice.

“MTV disheartened you decided not to show execution!! Rehashed void seats played! What’s going on you!? Destroyed their presentation. Owe Maneskin a statement of regret!” tweeted one watcher.

“When it’s all said and done, Nicky can mimic jerking off in front of an audience, however Victoria de Maneskin can’t show a covered areola? genuinely VMAS?tweeted another, alluding to Nicki Minaj’s suggestive presentation.

“somewhat f-ked that you cut them off bc [sic] vic’s top,” noticed another. “you didn’t actually change the camera to the next three individuals just completely blue-penciled them. out of line.”

While the in-person crowd could see the Italian musical gang’s presentation, watchers at home were dealt with just to David’s zesty jeans decision as he rotated his hips all through the exhibition

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