“large Mouth” is a tough-boiled noir drama starring Lee Jong Suk as Park Chang Ho, a third-fee legal professional who finishes up in fee of a murder case that turns him in a single day into a genius con artist known as “huge Mouse.” in an effort to live to tell the tale and protect his own family, which includes wife go Mi Ho (played by means of ladies’ generation’s YoonA), the “big-mouthed” lawyer must divulge a big conspiracy among the privileged top lessons.

Formerly, move Mi Ho’s efforts to find out the Gucheon health center’s secrets went to waste, and Hyun Joo Hee (good enough ) ordered her to renounce. Cross Mi Ho had no preference but to do as told, however she made a good bolder flow by means of making use of to work for the scientific team of Gucheon health facility, which is wherein her husband Park Chang Ho is imprisoned.

In newly released stills, go Mi Ho heads to Gucheon prison as a task seeker and no longer a vacationer. Her eyes are full of all varieties of mind and emotions as she’s led by way of prison officers. She will’t assist however feel a positive manner whilst she realizes she’s getting closer to Park Chang Ho.

Things take a dramatic flip when Tak Kwang Yeon (Yoo Tae Joo), a demise row prisoner, is bleeding on the floor. Go Mi Ho doesn’t hesitate to take emergency measures, and Park Yoon hole (Jung Jae Sung) reacts coldly as he watches her try to save the inmate’s existence.

Specifically, a mysterious epidemic named the “ghost ailment” is presently circulating in Gucheon prison. Amid the surprising peculiar signs and symptoms of inmates who have been satisfactory, questions are mounting over whether Tak Kwang Yeon is likewise infected with the ghost ailment and what kind of secrets she could be capable of discover here.

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