• August 24, 2022
  • Adil Shahzad
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Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols remained in a middle field encompassed by a threesome of more youthful Cubs players: Christopher Morel, Nelson Velazquez, and Franmil Reyes.

”He’s quite possibly of the best person in the Dominican [Republic],” Morel, an individual Dominican ballplayer, told the Sun-Times of their pregame discussion this week. ”Having opportunity and willpower to say hey, for my purposes, is super-unique.”

Pujols’ goodbye visit and the journey for 700 profession grand slams joined for the current week at Wrigley Field during a five-game series between the Cubs and Cardinals. He logged homer No. 693 in the series opener Monday.

In the midst of the homer commencement and Pujols’ last outing to Wrigley as a player, his impact all through a 22-year profession was likewise in plain view. Take his warm hello of the Cubs’ Zach McKinstry, a brief time frame partner with the Dodgers, on a respectable halfway point Tuesday as another model.

Said Cubs outfielder Rafael Ortega, who covered with Pujols on the Angels in 2016: ”When you said ‘Pujols’ as far as I might be concerned, it’s mind blowing. His vocation, personally, as a player, everything, Pujols has been a model for every one of the Latin players.”

Outfielder Ian Happ saw Pujols’ gravitational force firsthand as he held court during the Home Run Derby this year — Happ was filling in as Kyle Schwarber’s ”towel fellow” in the occasion — and in a pregame talk before the All-Star Game the following day.

”It was marvelous to perceive how much fun he was having,” Happ said. ”Furthermore, for a refined such a huge amount in the game person and been around so much, played with such countless folks, it appeared as though he was lowered by . . . encountering that. It seemed like he was partaking in each second.”

It didn’t appear to issue that Pujols, a 11-time All-Star, had absorbed a lot of such minutes prior.

”I believe that is the main thing I gained from him: how he cherished the game,” Ortega said. ”Since it’s a hard game, and you will have a few terrible times. Yet, to have [success], you need to cherish what you do. Furthermore, assuming you love what you do, your terrible times will be less than your most joyful.”

As the last time of his vocation slows down, Pujols is playing as well as anybody — in a real sense. He won co-National League Player of the Week praises last week for going 8-for-13 with three homers and seven RBI.

Then, at that point, he came to Wigley and conveyed the main run of the game Monday. The pitch he hit was a sinker at about eye level, apparently securely out of the strike zone.

”It’s precisely where I was attempting to toss it, perhaps somewhat more in to predicament him a smidgen more,” left-hander Drew Smyly said after the game. ”I was thinking, ‘Simply change his eye level and don’t allow him to hit it.’ ”

Morel was dazzled.

”It’s mind blowing,” he said. ”This pitch, off a lefty fellow, and he connected to left field and homered? That is the reason his moniker is ‘The Machine.’ ”

Pujols’ homer Monday was his first against Smyly. With it, he tied Barry Bonds’ record with homers against 449 pitchers.

”He’s Albert Pujols,” Smyly said. ”He’s the GOAT. He’s one of the flat out best. Furthermore, he at long last got me.”

Presently, with two games left in the series and around a month and a half left in the customary season, Pujols is seven homers from 700. Morel let Pujols on Monday know that he trusted he would arrive at the achievement prior to resigning.

Happ, who arrived at 100 vocation homers Sunday, took a couple of seconds to consider what that would mean.

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