• August 25, 2022
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Court docs: Indianapolis man pointed a firearm at individuals inside excellence school

SPEEDWAY, Ind. — An Indianapolis man has to deal with numerous penalties after police said he pointed a firearm at individuals inside a Speedway marvel school after a contention with his better half.

In a reasonable justification oath documented for the situation against Gregory Duncan, an official with the Speedway Police Department said they answered Empire Beauty School Friday on a report of a man pointing a handgun at ladies inside the school.

Duncan’s sweetheart let the police know that she was in class when he came to the school requesting her. She and one of her cohorts went to chat with him. While sitting tight for the sweetheart, the record said a staff part heard Duncan on the telephone saying “he planned to do some [expletive] to somebody in the event that he didn’t get his stuff back.”

The record said that colleague let police know that Duncan hit his sweetheart before she got to school after she blamed him for undermining her. The cohort said over the course of the day, Duncan called his better half taking steps to appear. At the point when they went to the front entryway, the report said the schoolmate let police know that Duncan began cussing at his sweetheart and requesting cash.

The record said the sweetheart wouldn’t converse with Duncan. That is the point at which she let police know that he got her by the front of her work cover. Her colleague let police know that she in the middle of between the two and Duncan pushed her, so she hit him.

The colleague said Duncan told her “don’t contact me, I’ll shoot you in the [expletive] face.” As the circumstance heightened, the report expresses the staff part told police Duncan eliminated a dark gun with a drawn out magazine from his midsection and made a broad movement.

The record said a few group took the sweetheart to the staff space to get her as Duncan left the structure. One more staff part let police know that they attempted to lock the front entryway, yet Duncan got back in, pushing them.

The colleague let police know that Duncan kicked the way to the room a few times until the lock broke and the entryway opened. The report said another person in the room attempted to hold the entryway shut, yet was overwhelmed.

Ultimately, the report expressed one individuals had the option to limit Duncan until police showed up.

At the point when police requested Duncan for his side from the story, the archive said he let them know that he was visiting his better half at her home when she awakened him since she figured out he had been undermining her. He let police know that she advised him to get out, and as he was leaving he thoroughly searched in his wallet to find cash missing.

The archive said Duncan let police know that he called her to get some information about the cash and she let him know that she wasn’t giving it back. He said he went to the school and requested her.

Duncan let police know that he got her, attempting to get the chain around his neck. That is the point at which his weapon was uncovered. The record said he told police he went outside to give his firearm to a companion.

The record said Duncan told police he returned inside to track down his sweetheart and pushed individuals to move them. He said he broke down the entryway and let them know that he needed his stuff back. Somebody quieted him down and strolled him to the front when the police showed up.

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