• August 28, 2022
  • Adil Shahzad
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BALTIMORE – – The Baltimore Ravens’ awful run of karma on wounds didn’t end last season.

Poe, the Ravens’ mascot, was hauled away the field during a mascot versus youth football match-up at halftime of Baltimore’s preseason finale against the Washington Commanders on Saturday night. Poe must be lifted into the truck by three individuals and needed to have his left leg settled.

The injury happened when Poe was gotten from behind and got moved to the ground by a young football player.

Ravens mentor John Harbaugh strolled onto the field and minded Poe, who lay on the field for almost five minutes in light of the fact that many were uncertain whether he was harmed. Poe’s physical issue almost postponed the beginning of the final part. He was removed the field with about brief left before the beginning of the second from last quarter.

Requested a physical issue update on Poe, Ravens mentor John Harbaugh said, “I realized you folks planned to ask me that.”

Harbaugh then, at that point, included quip, “No reports on that. There will be a MRI tomorrow, without a doubt.”

It was a shockingly harsh game between the mascots and youth football players. One of the players got gotten going his feet by a Bear mascot as he attempted to get into the end zone.

A substitution Poe arose halfway through the second from last quarter, which drew cheers from fans at M&T Bank Stadium. He gave high-fives to fans.

In spite of the deficiency of Poe, the Ravens had the option to hold off Washington to win their 23rd straight preseason game. Wounds wrecked Baltimore’s season last season when 25 players were put on harmed save sooner or later. Yet, this noticeable the principal harmed mascot for the Ravens.

With a grin, a Ravens representative said after the game that there will be no injury refreshes until Week 1 of the standard season.

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