What the…? Longtime Animal state visitors had to were bowled over by the remorse J showed for poisoning their girlfriend Penny within the series finale Sunday. He is, after all, the sociopath who dumped former boo Nicky on a hospital doorstep whilst she by chance shot herself, put a bullet within the head of lovergirl Mia and turned legal professional Morgan into shark bait. What the hell occurred there?

“I think it’s a traditional story of falling in love with the mark,” showrunner Daniele Nathanson tells TVLine. As a result of Penny’s position at the regulation firm, “he focused her, and i recognize he didn’t plan on placing his plan [to betray his uncles] into motion as quickly as he did, however he had to when Pope confessed [to Catherine’s murder].

“That became one of the motives he changed into irritated whilst Pope went to jail,” she maintains, “as it screwed up his lengthy con. It sped it up. Whilst Pope confesses, J tells Penny, ‘You should pass into an condominium [I own].’ those things are tied.”

So seducing Penny became all part of J’s scheme? At the start, yes. “He’s like, ‘I gotta get this chick near me so i’m able to use her,’” says Nathanson. “but I do trust he fell in love with her. A few humans on line have cited that she gave the impression of [his mother] Julia… precise, yes, due to the fact I do believe that humans are attracted to kind of the energy of their parents that’s imprinted on them.

“Penny additionally had an addict sister,” she provides. That gave J the impression that “perhaps he can be with this girl because she understood wherein he became coming from. However unfortunately, his endgame became larger, and basically, it simply form of shows the corrosion [of J as he sought revenge against Smurf’s family]. Similar to in the Godfather at the give up, he dies by myself. I suggest, J doesn’t die on my own, but he is by myself. He desired Penny with him. That wasn’t a lie.”

Adil Shahzad

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