Amber Heard reputedly has dust on ex-lover Elon Musk, coercing him to maintain mum on her ‘darkish past.’

In a clean attack, commentator Andy Signore has declared to reveal Johnny Depp’s ex-wife on his YouTube channel, branding her the ‘blackmail queen’.

Bringing up a document from journalist Jessica Krauss, who also goes with the aid of the cope with of ‘residence inhabit’ on social media, Mr Signore discovered Heard’s friendship with Elon dates back to their ‘cuddle events’.

“Elon Musk is indebted to her, a regular at those events could tell me on the cellphone. It isn’t always sudden to each person who knows her, Amber became continually filming him.

Somewhere else, Mr Signor additionally revealed Heard used to assist Elon’s tech pals in locating suffering actresses to have a first-rate time.

He in addition study: “She had a way, she had it down. She might get Elon truely f[expletive]cked up so incriminating occasions ought to transpire after which movie it all.

“there’s no question that Amber had a lot stuff on Elon’s pals. I noticed her take photos at these events, people in strength which have households and companies charities and so forth that would get in serious problem.

“She is the blackmail Queen,” he examine from the record.

Adil Shahzad

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